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Been looking for a 20" Rossi 92 in .357 for a bit. Found one yesterday and traded for it. Been wanting one for my g'nephew to learn with, they are heavy enough that recoil from 38s is like a 22, and light enough for an 11 year old to handle well. These things have been like hen's teeth to find! This one even has a decent looking stock finish on it. Pics later!

Major 2:
looking forward to the pix... love it when a trade happens.... :)

Major 2:
I may be in remission  ???

I was at my friendly LGS today and saw a Marlin 1894 in 38/40 octagon barrel. (these photos)
 There were stirrings in the force even some hmmm  :-\  what can I sell ? thoughts.
But in the end, I will pass.........................I think   ::)
I don't load for 38/40................................Yet !  ::)

In another tug in the 'ol' deterioration of a period of improvement:... as it were !

A nifty CZ Model 27 Pistol, was donated to the museum.
 As a donation I can NOT own it, but I did get to handle it some, and have been working on the ID description card, (for display) and that appears to satisfy  :-*
Its serial number puts it made in 1939-45, perhaps just before Germany took over.
I'll get way better look Saturday and examine the TG for the date code.

Baltimore Ed:
Nice Marlin.

Just think of that Marlin as a lost kitten in the rain. It NEEDS a good home and love. You are abandoning it!



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