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Major 2:
That gun will hunt !


 :)  Hey Kent   ;)

We hear and understand.  After all I was also made in 1947 and I couldn't hun't if I tried.  Really nice Rifle.

Well, it don't go BANG, just PFFT! But couldn't resist this one, a Barra 1866 BB gun. Neat little gun, can't help grinnin' as I play with it.

Major 2:
Eat up with it ...again , there is no cure  :)

This one followed me home ,  the PO had opted to trade it for a Hellcat (great gun but in this case  in my opinion he traded down )
It was as NIB and comes with 6 mags  ;D ( 3 extra over OEM packaging )

Springfield Armory EMP 9MM , I like the 1911 platform and was looking for an enhanced model to add to my armory which includes ,  My Ithaca , Springfield Armory Milspec and my Cimarron (photo)  ....
I was about to purchase a new Rock Island Armory 1911-A1 FS Tactical .45 ACP, when this was consigned at my LGS.

PO was asking more for it than the posted retail on the Rock Island ( totally understandable )
  I made a offer and he accepted .  :)
So I got the Springfield Armory  instead 

Looks sharp in my WB holster for ... :) (actually it was made for my Glock ,now long gone  Edit: now modified)

I have shot it and it is a sweet shooter  :)

Oh guys, forgive me for I have fallen from the wagon again. Her beauty beguiled me! A CZ Hammer Classic Coach Gun arrived today



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