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Major E A Sterner:
I continually find myself one gun short of perfection.

pony express:
I too am now(for  the time being) a happy Gunholic. Box from Palmetto State Armory arrived today, my already completed lower now has an upper, now I just need a way to aim it. Just got a Leupold 3-9 scope last week on sale at the LGS, but that's for my Browning .308, not for a 16" AR Carbine.

Major 2:

--- Quote from: Silver Creek Slim on September 28, 2019, 06:37:47 PM ---Like minds. I bought one on Friday. SA 3/37.  ;)


--- End quote ---

SA 6-42  on a  1938 receiver  not an 03-A3    but an 03 as build on a 42 Scant stock with Augusta Arsenal and inspector marks.


O only wish I contribute.  I can't.  Withdrawal.  It's horrible.  Most of the day all fetal and in pain.  No real relief.  Withdrawal really sucks.  I do have several projects.  Projects on hold, "down .. awaiting .. parts."  Now hoping for the Mail.  Or UPS.  Or FedEx.  Anybody with a bag of parts.  Someone with a Handi .45 Colt or 44 Mangelem barrel??  OOOoooooo ..... fading fast ..........

pony express:
Nothing major to report, but yesterday the Big Brown Truck brought me a wonderful little "Nitro Express Shipping" box full of various loading dies and some bullets, and now I'm awaiting some Fleabay items, among them a more appropriate scope for the AR, and a sling also.



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