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Baltimore Ed:
Hello, my name is Baltimore Ed and I am a gunoholic. I?ve been ?sober? for 12 days but next week I?ll pick up what I bought the last time I fell off the wagon [a Stevens 520] and hopefully pick up what I bought when I fell off the wagon before then [a Martini Cadet]. I will make the Stevens 520 into a cool trenchgun. But is there a real difference between a habit or a hobby? One sounds negative while the other doesn?t. Both certainly cost money and can have a detrimental or positive impact on one?s life.

Dave T:
In the guitar world they call it "GAS", or Guitar Accumulation Syndrome. The "G" can easily be changed into "Gun" and it fits our world too.

You've got GAS! (smile)


Crow Choker:
I'm affected with both, NTA and GAS!!!  ;D and lovin both!  ;D and I aint'a looking for any cure or med X!!  ;D

Professor Marvel:

--- Quote from: PJ Hardtack on September 29, 2019, 11:04:00 AM ---How come no one asks Jay Leno how many cars he owns?

--- End quote ---

They Did.

He won't tell.
He wants you to watch his show and count :-)

but he did admit that he owns a stationary Steam Engine AND has a licensed Steam Engineer...

Prof Envious

PS with all the traffic deaths, why arent the bleeding hearts screaming
"Nobody Needs a car with 500 HP"
"Nobody Needs a car that can go more than 65 mph"

Baltimore Ed:
Just like no one complains about alcohol or smokes. It?s not a problem until you get ?sick?, then it?s not your fault because you?re ?sick?. Never mind that alcoholism or the lung or heart problems were self inflicted it?s still not you fault.



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