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Tuolumne Lawman:
Just picked up from a fellow CAS pard, a lovely Ithaca LaFever "Nitro Special" 12 gauge, SxS with barrels cut to 20"  neat gun, and points like a dream.  I know they were made by Ithaca from about 1921 to 1940 or so.  Anyone in the camp have experience with them?

Navy Six:
I picked one up about 15 years ago to use at Cowboy matches. Shows wear but still locks up tight and has nice wood. It has the original 30 inch barrels. I generally prefer hammer guns but sometimes a gun just calls to you. Been lightly using it since then and am pleased with the handling and it sure murders the shotgun poppers. I have only used moderate blackpowder loads of 65-70 grs of FF with 1 1/8 of #7 1/2s. My only issue was just recent. Had been using the hammer guns(without tang safeties) and was a little unused to pushing the safety off after closing the action. Had two failures to fire(first time ever) until I realized I had not pushed the safety off all the way. Mea Culpa. Corrected my mistake and the gun ran flawlessly the rest of the afternoon. I really like this LeFever and would certainly pick up another if the opportunity presents itself.

I had one I cut the barrels down to 18 1/4", also cut the stock down.  It was 4 to 6" longer than minimum legal length.  I shoot my shotgun from the hip.

The problem I had with it was the metal that the forend attached to was too soft and would bend when I used too much energy opening the action.


Navy Six:
After responding to this thread it reminded me to take the old Lefever out for one last run this year. November shoot was the last for this particular club (Jackson Hole Gang)for the year and the Lefever sure didn't disappoint. After using "coach guns" my first years at cowboy matches, it seems lately I've been gravitating back to appreciate the longer barrel guns. Those 30 in barrels sure swung nice and I could care less they might add a few fractions of a second to my overall time ;) Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!!

Cliff Fendley:
Yep I've shot one at Cowboy trap for the last two years. Mine is not cut down, oddly it has a modified and a cylinder barrel instead of improved cylinder. I guess back then people could order them however they wanted.



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