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I are really annoyed.  REALLY ANNOYED!!  I broke my Husqvarna Shotgun.  Well, it BROKE!!  I can hardly believe it.

After shooting a match, cleaned it (necessary evil).  After cleaning and a drop or two of oil, I cocked the hammers (function check).  The left side Main Spring went ..... BANG ..... floppy hammer.  As heavy as that Main Spring is, it let go right at the FOLD!!  Gimmie a break.  Well ok, it broke.  Now a single shot.  Mumble mumble cuss with nasty wurds.

So (I may have asked before but can't remember) does anyone have an idea for a source for parts for a Husqvarna M50, top lever, hammer double with floating back action locks??  If I can find em, I will even spring for a complete set or two.  Such a really neat and fun shotgun to have it broken is more than I can stand!!!! 



Forty Rod:
That's what you get for peeing in graveyards and swearing in public.   ;D  Mend your gun and mend your ways, son.

Arizona Trooper:
Send the pieces to Yancey VonYeast. http://www.yvonyeast.com/ He can make most any mainspring.

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
Perhaps tradeexcanada has some spare parts? Getting parts made should not be too hard.

Thank you Sir Charles  :D

Seems I never even thought about shaking the tree in Canyada.  I will give em a call along with everybody I or anyone else can think of.




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