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A lever action 1887 shotgun as a Turkey gun

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Rowdy Fulcher:
I sent my 1887 out to have it choked last year . Now that it's able to hold tight pattern I am using the short barreled gun for Turkey hunting and today I killed a real nice Tom . I have got pictures but new phone will take a day  or hundred to figure out how to get pictures here .

Rowdy Fulcher:
Well today was a great day for hunting . I killed my second Tom this morning he was a nice big bird went about 25 pounds . I will post pictures when I figure out how to send from my phone . I have got a good pile of meat to eat on I saved the legs and thighs will cook them in a crook pot .
That makes 2 turkeys for the short barreled 87 both went down no problems .

Rowdy Fulcher:
The Turkey legs and thighs  has cooked and they turned out great . The meat fell off the bones so I have taken the meat and added the cooked onions and bell peppers and added some bbq sauce .   will eat tonight .Will freeze the breast to fry up at a later date . Turkey hunting is a lot of fun , and the reward of excellent meat on top well it just don't get any better than that .


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