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Ghostface Charlie:
Sincere Thanks for your advice & insights. I'm gonna go with the 12 Gauge Biakal...
Kindest Regards,

Charlie, good choice.  My first shotgun was a Baikal, and it served me well although it is now a backup as I prefer hammer guns.  When you get it, you will find that the barrels will not stay all the way open which causes problems loading.  There are new cocking levers available from "Papa Dave" that will solve this if you are handy with working on guns.  Or lots of folks just send the gun to a 'smith for an action job which will also fix this issue.  Most folks also defeat the automatic safety feature which turns the safety to a manual-only operation.  However, the gun is totally usable as-is if you wish, with a little trick to keep the barrels open.  When you push the action lever to the right to open the barrels, after they are all the way open to shuck the empties, hold the lever to the right with your thumb.  This will prevent the barrels from partially closing while you reload.

edit 11/11/13: Oops, I meant hold the lever to the left with your thumb to keep the barrels all the way open.

Unless your gunshop gives warraties on their used guns, it would be worth the extra $5000 to get th new Baikal over the used one. These guns have a good reputation among SASS shooters. The Spanish guns, not so much.

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
I tried to post earlier, but I am in a remote slow internet area and I think it timed out. 

I was going to add, that a field length gun would be able to go hunting with you or to trap or skeet sessions.  You wouldn't need to buy an extra gun for those purposes if your gun budget was limited.

I see that your choices were specifically coach guns, or as I call 'em BARKEEPS GUNS, not real cowboy guns.  Cutting off perfectly good guns has several drawbacks and I STRONGLY advise against it.  If you want a shorty, a unfortunate fad among cowboy shooters, at least buy one in factory trim as some of the drawbacks are countered by the maker.

Remember; The prime directive in CAS is; - Have Fun! (But always remain safe.)

Ghostface Charlie:
I have made an error in my previous posts. The 12 and 20 gauge shotguns are not manufactured by Biakal, but by Century Arms, imported from China. They look and feel really "nice" but I have no experience with or knowledge of Chinese firearms. Does anyone in CAS-Land care to comment on Century's shotguns/coachguns?
Charlie :o



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