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Red Cent:
GC, I am not implying  ::) anything, but the comments from very good shooters are real. BTW, this site has a lot of interesting and eductional stuff (that means material   ;D)


litl rooster:

--- Quote from: Bugscuffle on October 02, 2012, 03:35:38 PM ---Unless your gunshop gives warraties on their used guns, it would be worth the extra $5000 to get th new Baikal over the used one. These guns have a good reputation among SASS shooters. The Spanish guns, not so much.

--- End quote ---

bit spendy for a start up CAS gun don't ya think

Major 2:
Yeah ! Bugs you need to go up and modify your $5000 to the $50.00 You meant  ;)

I'll echo Cutter Carl comment, I've seen him use the Century.... in fact there are 3 in our NCOWS Posse'
Carl's , Capt'n John's , and MT Chamber's all have given good service. @ $300 new and they are tank tough ...

I have a TTn ... if you find one they are about $550 ( another Tank tough gun ! )

The next step is the Wyatt Earp, (Italy) ( we are talking Mule ear Hammer guns ) and these are about $1250.00

Box lock like the Stoeger ( Brazil )   is in the $400 range + or -  and the Baikal ( Russia ) about the same.

The Century @ $300 is about as good a deal NIB as you'll find.


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