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You need to post a link so we can see what you are talking about.  Like lots of other products from China some are great and some are junk.

Ghostface Charlie:

here is a link I should have posted:

I could not find their home page. In fact there is very little on the web aout this company or their products.
They are made in China, at Zhang Zhou Machine works. I don't know much about the quality of Chinese firearms. I have heard that some Chinese factories treat their workers poorly, and hesitate to buy Chinese products for that reason...but I do need a shotgun.

Cutter Carl:
They are a suitable gun for CAS.  Finish is ugly.  The metal work is not well polished with lots of machine marks left esp. on the barrels.  Wood is ok but not any thing fancy. Stock fit is good not great.  Recoil pad is nice and functional but a leather cover makes it look better. Function is good. Hammers a bit stiff to cock but I have not had enough time to completely break it in.

CAS shotguns take a lot of abuse.  They get dropped down on tables. Slammed open and shut.  I don't spend a lot on my CAS shotguns.  Got the Century Arms for a hammered double for Classic Cowboy and my other is a Steoger all blued double.  I picked it up at a pawn shop for $200.00 out the door.  It was in great shape with little use. 

All said most of the CAS doubles are either China made or made in Eastern Europe.  No sense in paying more than about $300- $350 for a good double for CAS.   

Missouri Ruffian:
I second Cutter Carl, same opinion down the line.  Ruff, tuff and somewhat ugly, should be strong like an Ox.  It's heavier than my Stoeger and that eases the recoil some.  The hammers slow me down a little but, make it more fun to shoot.  At $250 it was a great buy.   ;D

Ghostface Charlie:

Thank once again for your sage advice. I've never gotten an inaccurate answer from anyone on this forum. Ya'll are a great bunch of folks!




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