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Is there something in particular I can put inside or treat the inside of a new holster to slicken it up a little?

Prof. Bullspit:
What is the inside of your holster lined with? If it has smooth leather I would use a bit of talcum powder. Some people recommend silicone spray.

What the good Professor said. You might also want to try Ballistol, it will not harm the leather in any way.


Minnie Aldinger:
I rarely line my holsters, and then only with a thin lining kip.  If lining holsters you want a thin smooth leather so that your pistol will come easily out of the holster.  I usualy make my holsters unlined.  If you want it to be slick use Gum Tracangth it will make the holster slick on the inside and not hurt your leather or your pistol. You can also use it on the edges of leather before you burninsh them for a slick smooth edge.  Saddlemakers have been using it for over a hundred years. 


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