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I bit the bullet and sent my money and registration into NCOWS. (I may have actually resent the application just now)

My question is how long does it take usually for them to get back to you? I think its been over a week. I am not in a rush, more concerned that i messed something up in either with paypal, or the registration itself.

Thanks for any insight.


Frisco Banker:
Hi Chris,

We have received your money and registration information.
If I finish putting your new member packet together tonight, then I'll mail it tomorrow.
If I don't finish it tonight, I'll send it out on Monday.  Either way, you should have your new member packet by the end of next week.

Pat Postell
NCOWS Secretary

Snake Oil:
Welcome to the club!!
Which posse are you a part of?


Tascosa Joe:

River City John:
Chris, nice to see your face in the place.

Hope you try to make the NCOWS Convention & Congress Meeting coming up in March at Davenport, IA. Wonderful opportunity to become immersed in all that NCOWS is about.


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