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Has Ruger/Marlin really got some new rifles out yet?


Mustang Gregg:
I saw posts on another site that Ruger/Marlin has released some other models and calibers since the 1895 in .45-70 of last year.
It stated that they have made the 1894 in 2 calibers and the 336 in .30-30.
However the factory website does NOT say that.

Anyone got any truth to these rumors?

Cruizer Bill:
I saw a model 1894 in LGS yesterday.  It looks beautiful!  In .44 magnum with 20.25 inch barrel.  This one had a peep sight and Picatinny Rail and looked like a LOT of fun to shoot!  They wanted a high $1500 for this new rifle.  Has anyone else shot one of these new beauties?

Mustang Gregg:

Thanks for the reply.

I did see one of these a month ago.
It was the 1894C (C for Classic, not Cowboy, DANG!).  And that is only in .44 RM/.44 S&W, so far.
I can order them, but the distributor will only sell them as a package that includes some other guns that I really don't want.



Reviving an old thread, but we have had about a dozen new Marlins come through our shop and they are really fine guns. Ruger's demand for doing them right is paying off handsomely. Metal finish and polishing first rate, wood to metal fit is excellent and smooth actions. Triggers are a bit heavy but clean. Overall, the new Marlins are probably the best lever guns out there right now, dollar for dollar. We do not have them in for more than 3-4 days and they are gone!
Ruger, ya done good! Old John Marlin would be proud.

With the states banning magazines and AR's Ruger should consider making a Mini M1. Eight round enbloc clip for 223 based on the Mini 14.


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