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.46 Rimfire cartridge box labels I fabricated.


Tuolumne Lawman:
Since I could not find a picture of an original .46 rimfire box, I fabricated these.  I have them saved to an Apple doc file, three to a page.  I just printed them out on the different color papers.  Contact me and I will send you what I have email.  You can also save the JPG and scale when printing on white paper.

Winchester loadings: 230 grain bullet with 26 grains of powder. two colors:

Remington /UMC loading 227 grain bullet with 20 grains of powder:  Two colors.

Tuolumne Lawman:
I was thinking....With only a .017" difference in case diameter (.441" vs .458"), and only .010" difference in bullet diameter  (.446" vs .456), I would imagine it was fairly common for someone with a NMA in .46 rimfire to use .44 Henry ammunition in a pinch.  The .44 Henry (especially the comical one) with its soft lead .441" bullet would obdurate into the rifling a bit under pressure, so it would be usable at short ranges).

Private 6 shot long cylinder conversions of the NMA into .44 Henry were VERY common, anyway, so they were not too concerned with the bore being oversized.  .44 Remington factory rounds were only .448" in their factory centerfire conversions.

Sgt. Quincannon:
Hey Pard, if .44 Henry was fired in the Remington .46 rf NMA, would the .44 case split?



--- Quote from: Sgt. Quincannon on September 19, 2023, 10:19:08 PM ---Hey Pard, if .44 Henry was fired in the Remington .46 rf NMA, would the .44 case split?

--- End quote ---
Considering the soft copper rim fire Henry cases my guess is probably not. Remembering the trapdoors had issues with the early copper case over expanding and sticking into the chambers, one of the reasons for the heavy extraction spring. That’s why brass case was such a advancement they retract slightly after firing vs the early copper cases which did not causing sticker extraction. Considering the wide spread use of .44 Henry and the Necessities of having ammo in such a hostile environment, even less than ideal ammo.
The real question is would anyone have cared if their non reloadable case did split?

Johnson Barr:
Even today split cases have a horrid tendency to stick in the chamber. Sometimes requiring rod, punch and or hammer to pop out the sticky culprit. I don't suppose 'time outs' or re-shoots were in common use during hostilities in the day.

Even with all that stufff... very, very nice cartridge box labels TL.  ;)


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