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Marshal Will Wingam:
A friend of mine is interested in doing some historically correct beadwork. That got me to thinking, we don't really have a thread just for that so, let's start one. Let's get those beautiful examples in one place. Post pics of your bead work here, pards.

Camano Ridge:
Some "how to's" on bead work would be nice too. Chuck, KT, and Randy where are you?

I'll jump in there:  totally period incorrect, . . . but it qualifies to the extent that it has 2400 beads I personally put on all by my little old self, . . . along with a half spool of dental floss.

It is on the end of a suede gun bag for a rolling block 45-70, . . . so I think most of the shooting world will forgive my political incorrectness.

May God bless,


Marshal Will Wingam:
Looks good, Dwight. You know, it's amazing how many beads it takes for some of these pieces. Thanks for the pic.

I have done limited beading.   There is a great tutorial for it on PaleoPlanet. 

This is a braintan Apace inspired Rifle sheath I did.  Sewed with sinew, lined with trade wool, fairly period correct, but the beading design was the clients, his science/math team symbol.  Nerds, we're everywhere.

Here it is with two others of mine.  The beads here are purchased ones.


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