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** PHOTOS ADDED ** Spencer Company at 150th Anniversary Battle of Selma

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Well, this is long overdue but below are some pics from the 150th Selma. We had a great turnout and a splendid time.

Captain Zack looking regal having received his promotion to Arch-General along with a new set of spectacular epaulettes.

Andrew Bresnan receives a set of the War Dept's new prototype body armor.

Steve show's off his backup weapon (and sports a nifty Wilson's Raiders T-shirt)

Some of the Raiders forming up for inspection.

There is a lot of firepower assembled here.

An impressive looking company.

And another with weapons displayed.

My daughter wanted to get in on the action. She was rooting for us from the sidelines with her miniature Wilson's HQ flag.

Go get 'em boys!

The company awaits orders to go into action on Saturday.

Into the action.

That's a good looking line of Raiders!
(My daughter said we sounded like a really loud popcorn machine.)

The right flank.

The left flank.

Marching into battle on Sunday afternoon. A mighty impressive group, if I do say so myself.

Oops, somebody got a little carried away with the matches. (There is one in every bunch!)

Load 'em up!

The rebs think they are safe behind their defenses. (Not for long!)

A video (not mine) of our company rolling up the Rebel Lines and pouring some hot lead into them. Half of our company can be seen atop the earthworks in the background as they work their way down the lines using the works as cover. The other half of our company enters the scene at the 0:46 second mark in the foreground. Together they lay down an impressive fire. (Turn up your volume.)

Cowtown Scout:
Thanks for posting the photos and especially the video. Our unit the 4th US Cav was your left flank shown on Saturday, and Sunday we went up the outside of the earthworks and are the ones on top the berm. That was really cool and we appreciate you allowing us to fall in with your group.

We were so happy to have y'all join us for the event. I think everyone had fun despite the weather on Friday night.

I have more pics and video that I hope to get posted soon.

All the best.


I had fun at my first Re-Enactment with my original 1860 Spencer Carbine, shooting them blanks.  I jammed and fell down wounded, so that I could clear the mechanism. LOL.  :o

Where are those additional pictures? It is almost time to do it again.


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