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litl rooster:
I use to make a lot of my workin Tack for the horses. When I muzzle loaded I made my Trappins also. I had to move 2 years ago and the place I am in  is to small to set up shop. I would love building holster and some of the things I use. Like Arcey, I 've got stuff from Cabelas and a shoulder holster I bought from a saddle maker. It all works for me. I have/am waiting  for new holster now. Playing with leather has a calming effect on my feeble brain. Like shooting and ridin horses.

Tommy tornado:
I make it because I can't afford certain items.  Plus it gives me a chance to be creative and I love seeing what I can do.

Marshal Will Wingam:
I make my own leather goods because it's fun. I worked in a saddle shop for a while and got really hooked on making stuff. I'm particular and can get exactly what I want this way, too. LOL, if it isn't right, I know who to get after. Loads of interesting stuff out there. I get to try different ideas that would cost a bunch if I had to pay someone else to do it.


 ;D ;D  i do the trouble is most of my club pards like my work so I dont get the chance to make stuff for myself anymore.
Here is an example I made for one of our ladies.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I got into CAS after my father passed away.  More precisely because he passed away.  He had been doing it for a few years and I had always wanted to.  Just couldn't afford the guns much less all the other stuff needed.  When he passed I inherited a full set of guns along with some leather stuff he had made, namely a belt pouch and knife/sheath.  I wanted to have something to match that pouch and sheath so I decided to learn how and made my first holsters, belt, shotgun belt and such.  I've made all my own leather since then including some for some other shooters.  I also make hair barettes as a way to practice my technique.  Wife loves them and it keeps her from cutting off her long curly hair (which I love).

Anyway, it's a great additional past time for this sport.  Sometimes I almost enjoy it more than the shooting, especially when the weather's pretty foul outside.


Laff-a-lot Louie

Here's some of my stuff.


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