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Use of some scrap.


I like to dive into the scrap bins at a local leather supply and see what I can find.  Also in anticipation of making a cartridge belt or bandelero, I needed some practice.  I made this little belt pouch to hold some extra ammo.  I you notice, I like fringe and if you make it over to the historical society page, look at the The old Fashion Way page for a few more fringed Items I posted over there.

Marshal Will Wingam:
That's putting scrap leather to a good use. I wind up with scraps way too small to make anything useful. I like putting the shotshells inside the possibles bag.

i save all my scrap leather. Some of it I make laces out of and like today I need two small pices to line my buddies gun cart rack. Looked in the scrap box and found just what i need.  Some of the larger pieces i hve made badge holders out of



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