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OK, since you asked


jiminy criquet: "show our stuff"'s the thread for my just completed '1860's American Indian knife'.

Buffalo hide sheath with authentic period design beadwork done by the Mrs (I don't have the patience for that) :)
These 'mountain man' style indian sheaths were designed to ride inside the belt, which is why there is no beadwork on the rest of the front of the would get damaged by the belt rubbing against it.  (The belt comes thru the slot from behind and goes over the front of the knife, hugging it securely to the body.)

Other photos linked here:

Steel Horse Bailey:
Nice work, JC!

And good beadwork by Mrs. JC, too.

jiminy criquet:

--- Quote ---Nice work, JC!
--- End quote ---

Thank you kindly!

--- Quote ---And good beadwork by Mrs. JC, too.
--- End quote ---

Shhhhh!....Not so loud....she might be listening, and then I'd have to pay her! :)

Just kidding.  Thanks again...yes, she does nice work.


Marshal Will Wingam:
I like it. Good design and great with the beadwork on it.

jiminy criquet:
Much obliged, Marshal Will.


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