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A long long time ago ........ In a Galaxy far far away ........ I originally started playing this game with a Uberti 1866, 45 Colt.  As a
gunsmith, I made it run all by myself ;D
Then I got into "speed" and went thru a litany of 38/357, '66s, '73s and some Henrys (Henry STYLE).
After an extended stay in a Veterans Hotel (Hospital), speed went out the window as did gainful employment (Retired)
I built myself some special custom Henry Rifles.  16 inch barrel Trapper, set up for C45S cartridges, 18 1/2 inch Carbine, set up for C45S
cartridges, and a 24 inch "Martial" Henry, set up for C45S cartridges.  Then I rebuilt em all into side-load Transitionals.
My main match rifles are now, all Henry.  Cause there just so incredibly KOOL.  I'm also the only kid on my block with a pile of Transitional
Henry Rifles.


Daniel Dodge:
I shoot an Uberti 73 Carbine in 44-40 because it fits perfect for Classic Cowboy.

Having said that I got my 1860 Henry cleaned up and slicked a little in expectation of shooting it with my 51 navies that are being set up for this coming season!


I have two customized '66's, one '73 with a 30 inch barrel and a, now sold off 1860 Henry (un altered)
One of the '66's, I altered into a late model type 4, from a carbine to a rifle, with lots of 1873 features.
The other '66 I altered into a type 2 transitional variation.

The other models listed within the poll, I have little use for in my historic impression.
My best,



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