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Evening All,

I sort of went about this exactly backwards, I bought a 73 winchester back in 62 for 25 dollars, problem was that no one had ammo for it so I put it in the gun rack and did not use it untill last year when Curly Cole drug me screeming and kicking into this sport (or madness) so I had the rifle and got the pistols to match the caliber 44-40, the rifle shoots better then I do and is all orignal except for the rear sight but I am working on that.

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Russ T Chambers:
Used to have a Rossi ’92 that I wasn’t the best shot with, and when it started having feeding problems, I acquired my Cimarron Arms ’73. 
I don’t know what it was, but my misses with the ‘73 dropped by about 30-40% (needless to say I usually miss a lot, but at least my rifle misses went to almost nil).
I doubt I'd ever get rid of this little puppy, (may even think about given it a name)!

tarheel mac:
I use a Model 92, made by Rossi...strictly a price deal...I like it fine, but it only holds 9 cartridges, and most match stages are 10, so it always costs me some time there...Wouldn't mind having one of the new Taurus pumps, or a Win 66 replica...


Four-Eyed Buck:
I use the Marlin because of the ease of maintenence. One screw and it's apart for cleaning. There's not a lot of parts to deal with. My Marlins are accurate and reliable.
 Between the wife and I, we have 4 1894's, an 1889, and an 1893....Buck 8) ::) ;)

When we were kids plinkin' with .22s we had Marlins.

When I got back into shooting, I bought a camp carbine.  Good plinker and it used the same mags as my Smiths.

Started this game with a '92 Rossi.  Soon found a deal on a '94 CS.  Bought a Cowboy a couple years ago.  No complaints.  No desire to shoot anything else.


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