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Marshal Will Wingam:
We're going to try something different here. This forum is for cowboy or CAS related leather but occasionally something is made that's a cross-over item that pards want to share. Maybe it's a modern design with cowboy elements in it or a cowboy item with modern touches. Let's post that kind of thing here. Threads that get started that should be here will get moved by the moderators. This thread is on a trial basis. Let's see how it works out.


Marshal Will

Marshal Will Wingam:
From Dusty Ed's thread. His photo is below :

--- Quote ---Howdy Pards
Here is a Holster I just finished for a friend.
This is the second holster that I have sold ,I have made a couple of dozen for myself over the years but I probably made more than
hundred knife sheaths.

Dusty Ed Wink
--- End quote ---

Nice holster, Ed. looks good with the border stamping. Thanks for sharing.

Ten Wolves Fiveshooter:

        Will, this is a well needed thread, and if used right will only add to our forum, good job pard

                  tEN wOLVES  ;D



I will start this show off ... My Model 98 Mauser 7X57 ...

My Wobbley Mk VI .455  Cal. with Korean War/Conflict/Police Action holster and belt ...

My Boer War era holster & Wobbley; still looking for a Sam Brown for it ...

GunClick Rick:
 ;D just traded for this,i had those giant Watusi horns and asked a horner if he would like them,he gave me this in trade..


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