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St. George:
Below, you'll find my 'Welcome'

Read it, or re-read it, please.

This forum was created for the purposes indicated below and will continue in this vein - I've talked to the Marshal about this already.

I 'may' re-visit the idea of a 'child board', but given the rancor and animosity and immaturity shown - that will be some time in coming.

Meanwhile - please endeavor to provide references and if at all possible - documentation - for those folks who want to learn about the 'real' Old West.

It'll be appreciated by far more folks than you know.

Everyone reading this forum likes knives and tomahawks, otherwise they wouldn't be reading the posts - but there are forums for more modern knives on-line - let's keep 'this' one focused to the pre-1899 era and we'll all learn something.

Now - everyone settle themselves and sit back and reflect, and we'll start afresh - showing and asking and illuminating and all with no hard feelings.

Vaya con Dios - acaso...

Scouts Out!

Welcome to 'The Cutting Edge'...
« on: February 14, 2009, 10:46:31 am »     

Welcome to 'The Cutting Edge' - the Knife Forum of CAS City.

The idea here is to talk about the knives and razors of the 'real' Old West - as opposed to the 'reel' Old West.

That topic covers a wide-ranging field of Bowies, Arkansas Toothpicks, Indian Dags, Trade Knives, Straight Razors, Pocketknives, Tomahawks and the their methods of carry.

Believe me, it's a wide-ranging field...

Articles on knife-making itself, as well as those dealing with knife restoration are encouraged, as are the showing off of new finds and old, so long as they fall into the pre-1899 time frame as far as design goes - the same goes for scabbards.

What's not encouraged are modern knives and fantasy knives - there are other forums that deal with those, and they should be visited instead.

So, if you've got something of interest, we'll talk about it, and if you have information to share, we'll do that gladly - just be certain to provide references when you can, so as to help folks and better their understanding of the era.

Remember to be respectful and helpful to all, since everyone started somewhere and appreciated whatever help they were offered by more knowledgeable folks.


Scouts Out


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