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Disassembly Instructions for an 1858 Pietta Remington Revolver

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Professor Marvel:
Ah My Dear Daniel-san
I am beside myself, here you are at odds with your Remmy pins, and I fail to notice your dilemma for well over 9 months.

So the answer to your problem is the hinged cylinder pin, as perfected by other members of this excellent place.

The most difficult part for cutting any Remmy shorter than 5.5" is the cylinder rod. Since the loading lever catch blocks the free movement of the cylinder pin, anything shorter that that means the pin is permanently captured unless the latch is removed. Anything shorter than 4- 4.5" means the pin will not be able to clear the cylinder. Amongst the solutions I have seen are leaving off the loading lever and catch (ideal for a barrel 3" or less) , building a hinged cylinder pin, or planning for a removable lever catch (not a good choice IMHO).

I offer a small selection of links showing the efforts of others in this endevour -

First go here and drool:

Read about the "Ultimate Remington":

You can  Learn How to chop it yourself:

here you can see how Halfway Creek Charlie (aka Gunslinger in CAS) cut an 8" bbl, .44 Remington 6shot conversion, with his special hinged cylinder pin that allows a barrel shorter than 5 1/2 "


hope this helps
prof marvel


--- Quote from: Bull Schmitt on May 14, 2009, 12:00:56 PM ---Disassembly Instructions for an 1858 Pietta Remington Revolver


Other Remington Revolver Gunsmithing information:


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I followed the steps as described. When I got the gun back together, there was no spring tension on the hand to engage and rotate the cylinder. I took the gun apart again to inspect the hand and spring. They appear to be normal. Any idea why I’m not getting spring tension on the hand?

Bishop Creek:
Hey, the directions worked!


Comes appart prett good . . . does it go back to gether again ?    ;)

Octagonal Barrel:

--- Quote from: Wolfgang on September 13, 2011, 06:22:49 AM ---Comes appart prett good . . . does it go back to gether again ?    ;)

--- End quote ---
First time I took mine apart, I didn't need instructions.  It was enough like Colts that I figured it out on my own.

Back together again?  I did have to spend several hours on the internet looking for creative suggestions on re-installing the main spring...  (By the way, the mainspring that came stock with my ASP Remmie was much stronger than most Remmie mainsprings, which made it much worse.  I've since replaced it with a lighter Pietta mainspring, and I don't need to be nearly as creative as that first time.)


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