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Mean Bob Mean:

--- Quote from: Four-Eyed Buck on January 28, 2015, 02:02:58 PM ---Hard to fly like an eagle when you're swimming with the fishes. The cream of Japan's aviators went down with those four carriers at Midway.The rest got ground up at Guadalcanal. After that, their carriers aviators were hardly trained like ours were. By the Turkey shoot, they were basically sitting ducks ::)

--- End quote ---

Yeah, I don't recall precisely but it seems to me that the rigid Japanese training program was like 2-3 years and they had no concept of rotating skilled pilots back to training positions unless the guy was shot to hell.  The US had a decent ace, they made him a trainer.  We had the numbers, and more importantly, a fluid way of thinking that was far more practical. 

I was always intrigued by Lindbergh's teaching of the P-38 pilots in long range flying so they could shoot down Yamamato. 

Four-Eyed Buck:
There are rumors that he did actually fly some ops while doing it. Some say he actually shot one down ::)

Texas Lawdog:
Lindbergh was a controversial man in his later years. "The Spirit of St. Louis" is one of my favorite movies. Lindbergh was truly "The Lone Eagle".


Lord Eoin MacKenzie:
  I got to fly in a Navy DC-3 Goony bird assigned to Midway Island in the middle 1970s.  It was a beat up bird from hitting the local Goony birds.  Dents in the nose and leading edges of the wings.   They flew it to Hawaii, etc.  Noisy old bitch, but still working.


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