Beer Drinkin', Racin' 'n Football

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Just looked at the entry list for the Las Vegas NNS race for Saturday. Bad news for the field. Both Stewart and baby Busch are in JGR cars.

Four-Eyed Buck:
Seems those Toyos have found some extra horses. At least one team of them is getting their act together. Doesn't look like they're sharing much with Mike Waltrip though..............Buck 8) ::)

Word was Gibbs’ personnel set up the front ends of the three MWR cars at Daytona. But do they have the time to nurse-maid Mikey everywhere?

I’m hearing the power is from in-house motors at Gibbs while the rest use crate motors from TRD.


litl rooster:
where's the beer?....You got me looking in here at least you could slide me a cold one ;D

Texas Lawdog:
They Dynod The Toyo engines and they are producing 10 more HP than the other brands. It's all about cylinder heads and valves.  That's why Ford is always at a disadvantage. Until the Toyos came along, Chevy had the best cylinder heads and valves.


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