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New Gun Leather & my Bowie

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The Arapaho Kid:

My gun leather came in today!  YEEEHAAAA!    ;D  The holsters are a little snug, but those will loosen up.  The bullet loops were also a bit snug, but a pencil and a little wiggling took care of that!  I'm a happy cowboy now!

You have a good looking rig there, Kid.

The Arapaho Kid:
I know it's a Buscadero Rig and not historcally accurate...and I know it has Hollywood written all over it and reeks of Roy, Gene, Hoppy and The Lone Ranger...and I know I can't shoot in Classic Cowboy with it, but when I got interested enough in CAS to start pricing and buying equipment....that's the kind of rig I I ordered one!  And dats da name of dat tune!   ;D


That is a fine looking rig!!  Where did you get it I must ask?  I am also looking for one, and I have very similar taste apparently, but am going for the Classic category.  I love the Buscerado as well, so maybe someday I'll go nuts and buy both...  Probably after I hit the lottery.

I must say, I'm quite jealous...  I've been researching everything as best I can, and am anxious to get a rig for my Uberti's.

Shaky Jake

......right fancy rig ya got there ..Kid...


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