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* ALWAYS AVAILABLE * Spencer Shooting Society Insignias & Blaze Orange Caps


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Hello SSS,            

        ************   STILL AVAILABLE AS OF 10/15/2009    ****************

I'M STILL TAKING ORDERS FOR THE SSS INSIGNIA ;D ;D ;D ;D   Consider ordering one or two  ;D ;D ;D

Dimensions: Edge to edge Horizontal length is 3 1/4";  Edge to each point Vertical length is 2 /14".

The cost of the SSS Insignia shipped to you will be $6.50 EACH ;D ;D.  This amount will cover all my expenses to include setup fees, embroidering each patch and postage.  If you would like to order a patch, please Email me at fsgrand2@fairpoint.net with your address and how many patches you would like to purchase.  Once you Email me with this information, I will Email you my address so you'll know where to send your personal check or money order in the amount of $6.50 for each insignia you want to order.  

I AM NOT MAKING ANY PROFIT ON THE $6.50 COST PER INSIGNIA.  Any profits from the sale of the SSS Insignia is collected by me and then presented as a gift to the Web Master of CasCity to help defray the costs associated with keeping SSS on the Internet.  I mention this only because some individuals will think that profit (coming into my pockets) was the motivating factor behind this venture.  Actually, the idea of a Spencer Shooting Society Insignia was born after I finally came to my senses and realized that the chances of my finding a badge once belonging to General Wilson's Cavalry Corps, either on-line or in an antique store, was never going to happen. This is Wilson's Cavalry Insignia:

These are custom embroidered insignias.  If you buy one you will have to decide how to attach it and where to attach it.  You could attach it with stitching, a pin, velcro, or whatever works for you.  I am not selling these insignias attached to caps, but you can just as easily buy a cap with a style and color you like, and have the insignia attached.

If you are interested in ordering a Spencer Shooting Society Insignia, please send me an Email.  Why, I even received an order for one from:

ATTENTION, ATTENTION, I have now added blaze orange caps with the SSS Insignia sewn on the front as shown on the photo below - $20.00 each with shipping included ;D ;D ;D

Thanks for looking,

Two Flints  

Two Flints:
Hello "Old" and "New" SSS Members

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D  Thought I'd try again with another reminder!

Two Flints

Two Flints:
 ;D ;D ;D ;D  Maybe it's time to order your SSS Insignia - contact me! ::) ::)



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