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 :'(Hello SSS,

I'm going to try to maintain a SPENCER OFTEN REQUESTED INFORMATION (SORI) Thread  that contains a List of Topics/Links that hopefully will get you to the specific Spencer information you are looking for quicker and easier than having to go back over the many pages of SSS Archives. 

The first topic on the list will be Loading Information; followed by Parts, Modifications and Repairs; Spencer Accessories; and the Spencer Shotgun.  I'll add other topics as time permits.  By the way, if you find a topic or thread on SSS and would like me to add it to this ORI Thread, just let me know by PM or Email   fsgrand2@fairpoint.net and I'll add it on. 

Two Flints 

Loading Information

(1)   Beginners Guide to Spencer Loading (Taylor's 56-50)
(2)   Original 1860 Spencer Loads

(3)   Spencer Cowboy Loads (Taylor's 56-50)

(4)   Spencer 56-50 & Black Powder (Taylor's & Cimarron 56-50)

(5)   Loading Tips for 56-56 Spencer Original

(6)   Lee Mould Modified for the Taylor's Spencer 56-50

(7)   Sizing Starline 56-50 Brass & Lubes (Taylor's 56-50)

(8)   DWM Modified Lee Moulds at Old Prices  (Taylor's 56-50)

(9)   The Perfect Bullet (Taylor's 56-50)

(10)  Pyro., Goex, 777, & Trailboss Range Report (Taylor's 56-50)

(11)  Mould Recommendations for the Taylor's Spencer 56-50

(12)  A Discussion on Spencer 56-50 Primers

(13)  Spencer Load Information or What Works Best for You

(14)  Modified Lee Moulds, 450 or 500

(15)  Comparison of 56-56 and 56-50 Original and Centerfire Spencer cartridges

(16)  Tony Beck's Spencer Shooting Tips-Reloading Information

(17)  TL's Lee Loading Station for the Spencer 56-50 & 56-56

(18)  Spencer Magazine Feed Comparisons

(19)  Armi Sport Spencer 56-50 Black Powder Loads

(20)   Original Spencer Mould Information

(21)   Making Your Own 32 Gauge 56-50 Blanks for the Spencer

(22)   Making 8mm Label Blanks for the Armi Sport Spencer 56-50, Parts I & II

(23)   How to Trim Your Spencer Brass, 50-70 Government


(25)   Jack Wagon Video: Shooting the Spencer 56-46

A Special Spencer Reloading Experiment by SSS Member NDNCHF
  Threads #1 - #4

(1)   Reloading an Original .56-50 Cartridge

(2)   M1871 Springfield Spencer Shooting .50-45 Cartridges

(3)   Reloaded an Original WRA Co .56-52 Cartridge

Parts, Modifications and Repairs

(1)   Trigger Pull Adjustments on the Taylor's Spencer

(2)   Converting an Original Spencer to Shoot Centerfire

(3)   Replacing the Rear Sight on the Taylor's Spencer 56-50

(4)   Taylor's Spencer Sights revisited

(5)   Spencer Breechblock Modification

(6)   More On Breechblock Conversion to Centerfire

(7)   Adding a Sling to My Taylor's Spencer

( 8)   A Look at Taylor's Firing Pins

(9)   After a Shoot, Cleaning Your Spencer

(10)  Mis-Fires and the Firing Pin Hole

(11)  How to Install a Reproduction Centerfire Block for the Spencer

(12)  Spencer Stock/Wood Refinishing

(13)  Returning Block Fix - .45 Schofield Spencer & Cavalry Reenacting

(14)  Another Look at Why My Spencer Mis-Fires

(15)  Sight Suggestions

(16)  Suggested Ways to Lighten the Spencer trigger Pull

(17)  Feeding Improvement in the Armi Sports 56-50 Spencer

(18)  Fitting a Centerfire Block in an Original Spencer

(19)   Major Feeding Problems with My Armi-Sport Spencer 56-50, Part I

(20)  Reworking my 56-50 Armi Sport Spencer w/photos, Part II

(21)   Video Showing Spencer Center-Fire/Breech Block Conversion by Mike Moore: See the links

(22)   Thread Dealing with Fixes for the .45 Schofield Spencer


(24)   Nactorman's Detailed Video, "Shooting Blanks & Troubleshooting Guide for a Spencer Rifle"

(25)   "New Armi Sport Spencer Jamming Fixes & OAL Suggestions"

(26)   ""FIX" Diagram Added *** 20 Pound Trigger Pull Solved

(27)    "How to Fix the Breechblock When It Pulls Out of the Receiver"

(28)    "How to Repair the .45 Schofield Spencer Feeding Issue"

Spencer History & Accessories

(1)   Blakeslee "Quick Loader" Information

(2)   Photos of Original Spencer Cartridge Boxes

(3)   A Comparison of Blakeslee Cartridge Boxes

(4)   Blakeslee Diagram & Ten Tube Photos

(5)   Make your own Blakeslee Cartridge Box

(6)   Spencer Shooting Society insignias - ordering information

(7)   Spencer Cartridge Boxes-samples

(8)   Making a 10 Tube Blakeslee from Scratch

(9)   The Spencer Rifle

Spencer Shotgun

(1)   Spencer Shotgun Information with links

(2)    Roscoe Coles: Spencer Shotgun Resident Expert - Repairing My Spencer Shotgun 

(3)    Roscoe Coles: Spencer Shotgun Resident Expert - Customizing the Spencer-Bannerman Shotgun

El Supremo & Blair -  History of Reproduction Spencer Firearms

(1)    General Information and BATFE Classifications

(2)    Spencer Markets & Sales Histories

(3)    Larry Romano of New York

(4)    Fletcher- Bidwell,LLC

(5)    Armi Sport/Chiappa

(6)    Center Fire Conversion Upper Blocks

(7)    Modern Centerfire 56-50 Ammo & Cartridge Cases

(8)    Kevin Tinny & Blair Taylor: Spencer Supplemental Information

Two Flints:


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