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Said we'd never do it-RATS BADGES?##Price increase##

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Mustang Gregg:
When Annie Lee & I started this Rugers RATS thing, we parleyed & pondered long about RATS badges.  
We decided it would be a royal pain.  So we said RATS membership is for life & FREE.  No charge---No Badges.

But after the RATS Outfit caught on---I had a couple made up (one for her & one for me) as Christmas presents.  Sadly Annie passed away just before the two badges were done.

I am ponderin' gettin' RATS badges made again.

Please let me know who would be interested in a badge.  The charge would be $95.00 as long as the builder will still do 'em.  The logo (enameled Ruger Eagle) is done here at the shop.  Ruger gave me permission over the phone to do it.

So RATS Pards who are interested----contact me here on the forum.  If we have enough interest---It'll probably happen.

Here's what they'd look like.  
"RATS POSSE" or "DIRTY RATS" on top line.  
"YOUR ALIAS" on bottom line.
"YOUR RATS No" on bottom point.

Will Blastem:
I think it's a GREAT idea ;D ;D ;D

I'd wear one proudly.

Dakota Dan from OZ:

Yes, I'll wear one here Downunder as a Proud Ruger owner  8)

Dakota  8)


Texas Lawdog:
A RATS Badge is a great idea.  Count me in. I would be proud to display my loyalty to Ruger.

Lucky Irish Tom:
Great idea Gregg! I'd like to own one.


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