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Marshal Will Wingam:
Here are links for threads on topics that people seem to ask about the most. This will eliminate many of the Sticky threads at the top of the list. Just click on any link below and it will take you to the appropriate one.

How To Insert Photos In Your Posts

Posting Photos

Resizing Photos for Your Posts in Windows 7

Leather Related Topics:

Links for Tools and Other Supplies

Get Started Making Holsters

Good Holster Making Video

Step-By-Step To Make A Hickock Slim Jim

Hand Stitching Leather

Make Your Own Holster Pattern

Wet Molding

Breaking In A New Holster

Welts (Good information on glujing)

Border Design Library

Holster Styles and Variations

Original Old West Holster Photos

Making Cartridge Loops

Weight Leather for Cartridge Money Belts

Non-stitched Shotgun Belt Turorial

Making Old Time Dyes

Stretching Leather

Casing Leather

Hardening Leather

Caring for Leather

Identifying Hides and Grading leather

Where to Buy Leather

Where to Get Cotton Webbing

Sources for Quality Custom Stamps

Information on Sewing Machines

Copper Rivets and Burrs

How To Set Spots

About Swivel Knives

What Does Your Maker Stamp Look Like?

Where to Have a Custom Makers Stamp Made

Ideas and Helpful Hints for Bead Work

A How-To on Making Your Own Stamps

Camille Eonich:
This is awesome Will!  Great work.   ;D

Gun Creek Phil:

Some interestings links about gunleather


EL GALLATIN Denver Colorado, Nebraska City, Cheyenne Wyoming

SC GALLUP Pueblo Colorado , Durango Colorado, Dodge City Kansas

E GOETTLICH Saddlery and Harness Shop  Miles City Montana


Main and Winchester Boston, San Francisco


Ten Wolves Fiveshooter:
Thanks for the links Gun Creek Phil, very interesting info..


Marshal Will Wingam:
Cool links. Thanks for posting them. It's always fun to read up on the old makers.


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