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Should I cut the Schofield?

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 :)  Deacon   ;)

Sorry, butt none of the above!!!  Cut!!   Cut!!   Cut!! Cheapest and simplest option.  Except:  Twer it me and mine, I'd cut to 4 inches and then ship it off to have TK Enterprises do their Moon Clip VooDoo.  Taint Rocket Science ya know.

Stay Safe Out There

HI, I checked VTI and they want $400 for a barrel on a $950 pisitol.  Dang

Yeah, if I go that route, at least I could sell the 7" to re-coup some of the money. I will just have to see which will be cheaper.

Major 2:

--- Quote from: 1961MJS on April 15, 2021, 09:16:07 AM ---HI, I checked VTI and they want $400 for a barrel on a $950 pisitol.  Dang

--- End quote ---

I have to agree $400 is a hit, on the other hand you get a Convertible ... a  7' & a 5"   ;)  two guns in one

However, if you cut the 7" you may have taken a goodly hit in the posable future resale  :-\


 ::)  Oh future smucher (Hi Maj 2  :D).  Future resale only really enters into the picture if we are talking about Chopping and Channeling an Original Sample Example.  Current production replicant??  Nah.

I do agree though.  A convertible can be an asset.  'Specialy if you have a snappy Red Head seat cover next to ya.

Stay Safe Out There



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