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Uberti 1858 Cylinder / Timing issues after reassembly

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Navy Six:
During the video you pointed out the early damage to the bolt notches in the cylinder.  You also had to turn the cylinder BACKWARD when it didn't lock up. That indicates the bolt head may not be dropping all the way into the notch, allowing the cylinder to rotate too far. I just bought two new Uberti 58 Remingtons last week. Before I cocked the guns even once, one of the first things I did was remove the cylinder, disassemble the gun and with the bolt in my hand tested to see if the bolt head fit all the locking notches in the cylinder. It did not. Two of the notches were slightly smaller than the rest on both guns, which means the bolt head has to be fitted to the smallest notches. Funny you also had trouble with two in the video. Your cylinder does not appear to be badly damaged and should still be serviceable. If you are unfamiliar with fitting the bolt it would be better to seek help.

It's mainly weird that it had no issues before I took it apart, so it's surely something that I did.

Someone on Reddit pointed me to a source with good pictures of all the steps in getting it reassembled properly. It shows the proper orientation for everything, and what all the parts should look like. I'm gonna tear it down and do one last reassembly according to that. If I still have problems at that point, it's very likely gunsmith time, unless some one else on the webs gives me a magic fix.

I'm with River City John on the hand spring being bent so it is closer to the hand and not giving the tension needed.  The hand and spring is the brake to keep the cylinder from over rotating when cocked.  Often a weak or cracked bolt spring is involved, but that seems less likely to me from your description.  When you insert the hand into the bottom of the action, you may have to compress the spring to allow it to enter the channel.  Do so by squeezing midway or higher, just enough to get it into the channel.  Don't squeeze it down by where it attaches to the hand or it is more possible to bend it there.  Note: I am not a gunsmith, but I've played with a fair number of guns.  :)


 :)  PoindexterG   ;)

I am of two minds on this (Don't bring me into this).  First is . . . You did something wrong.  Next is, I agree with Navy Six AND Abilene.  It is not uncommon to to take a brandy knew gun out of the box and it works!!!  Wowzers!!!  Until, upon close inspection you find the Bolt is just sitting on top of the cylinder notches and doesn't actually fit "into" the notches.  This condition will allow "Throw By" (cylinder over rotation).  Also, it's a Uberti.  There are no "drop in" parts.  They require fitting.  I also feel your (the guns too) hand may well not be correctly fitted.  SO:  In any case, Take It Back Apart.  Then check the bolt head fit.  Don't forget the trailing edge of the bot head needs slight "rounding."  And it must fit freely in EVERY notch.

Good Luck and Stay Safe Out There

OP, what I would do is tear it back down. Inspect every part. Deburr everything paying special attention to the hand Channel in the frame.
Look closely at the trigger where the hand swings back and forth. I’ve found burrs there that have caused me problems in the past. Lubricate each part lightly and put back together slowly.



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