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Uberti 1858 Cylinder / Timing issues after reassembly

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I bought a new Uberti 1858 New Model Army in stainless. It functioned well when I shot it the first time. I decided to do a disassembly, mainly to familiarize myself with the firearm. Something happened at this point. It's not quite right now that I have it back together. It doesn't always index to the nipple/cap when you cock it. You have to turn the cylinder a bit to get it to lock. It still locks very solidly, it just doesn't go to the spot on it's own all of the time. It seems a bit better if you cock slowly, or pause at half and then go to full. The cylinder seems to spin a bit too freely at half cock. It seemed to really only advance one click at a time when you spun it, originally. Now it spins fairly freely, more like a modern swing out cylinder. If I put my hand on the cylinder and put some pressure on it, it seems to always cock properly.

I suspect that whatever is making it spin that easily is the issue. I'm just not sure where to proceed. I've got a new hand, and also got a new trigger/bolt spring. Those do not seem to help. I haven't tried a new bolt yet, or a new cylinder. I'd be willing to get another cylinder, I just want to know that there's a decent chance of it solving the issue.

I don't know if it was mis-assembly, me breaking/bending something, or the former leading to the latter.

Here's a video of what's going on so that you can see it.

Kent Shootwell:
Wow! Now that’s the way to ask a question!
I’ll let the more articulate guide you.

I wanted to make sure that there was enough info. I know it can be hard to troubleshoot things without being able to actually see them, so I tried to get it all on video.

I'm frustrated because I know that I broke it. It was fine before disassembly, and I've only taken it out once before I messed it up. I've taken other guns apart before, and the worst I've ever done is manage to lose a tiny spring and have to buy a new one. I'm not a gunsmith and have no training in this area. But I've always managed this sort of thing fine. This is the first time I've messed up to the extent that I couldn't figure it out on my own.

River City John:
One thing on the video, shouldn't lower the hammer down from half-cock without pulling it back to cock and then lowering the hammer. Otherwise the bolt may not drop completely out of the way and cause that scoring around the cylinder you pointed out.
It wasn't clear whether you had replaced the hand, - if you had it may be a tad too long and need to be dressed back to prevent it from over indexing?

I doubt if the cylinder is at fault, so I wouldn't think there's a need to replace it. Especially since it was working well before. It did not appear to have excessively free spin from the video when on half cock. My suspicion is that when disassembled, you cleaned the cylinder arbor and slot and oiled it, hence smoother rotation. When at half cock, nothing engages the cylinder so it is free to spin against hand. Is it possible the hand spring got compressed a bit and isn't giving positive force to engage the cylinder hand notches fully?

If your tinkering has not corrected the problem, turn it over to a gunsmith to look at before spending money on parts. He/she will better determine whether you need replacement parts, and which ones.

I had tried a new hand and spring. That was something I had trouble getting out, so I thought I may have bent it out of shape. I’ll compare the hands and see how the new one looks compared to the other.

The spin may not be an issue then. It just looked a very different to me, so I thought it worth a mention. I may have to find a gunsmith, but was hoping I could figure it out.



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