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M12 riot gun build

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Baltimore Ed:
I've decided to do a M12 riot gun. I found an old 1925 Model 12 12 ga donor with a polychoke and a severe crack in the buttstock but with it’s original blueing and a nice pump handle. It’s missing the 2 small screws from the magazine endcap but I had the ones from my trenchgun build. I have another oem buttstock that I can use if the cracked one is too bad to repair. Have to borrow my buds bbl facing tools again. Need to buy my own set. Shouldn’t be too hard of a build though. Will make a good companion for my trench. Pictures when it arrives.


 :)  Hey Biltmore   ;)

Atz not a bad M-12.  Nice donor.  I notice it's also missing a small piece at the bottom of the wrist where it almost meets the receiver.  However, main concern is lack of fit of the stock in general.  After slathering the crack with epoxy, I'd be want to suggest you Glass Bed the stock to prevent further cracking.

Were it mine, I'd be tempted to source up some after-market "Trench" parts.  Fun Stuff.  Still be righteous fun cut to 20 inch riot length.  Or maybe even 18 1/8th ???

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Baltimore Ed:
I’m curious if the stock bolt is real loose after it cracked and the stock is sagging making it look like this. Can’t tell from his pix. But I’ve got another old oem stock that’s never been on a gun. Trying to get up with the guy today. Already built one into a trench, this one’s going to be a riot.

The seller finally contacted me but still don’t know the shipping amt.

That sounds like a cool project Ed!  I recently bought a m12 as well.   I was looking for one that had an external choke to cut down as well.  I found a factory 26" instead and will leave it as is.

Baltimore Ed:
Turned out that the stock was cracked because [I believe] that a shooter/hunter fell on the gun at the wrist. The piece of steel that the stock bolt screws into that then screws into the recvr was bent. I straightened it out but as I have another stock I’m not going to mess with the bad one. I will need to redo the good stock to match the forearm though. I have a buttplate for it. Yesterday I cut and faced the bbl to 19 inches. I would love to get it done by the weekend to use in our WB match.



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