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gunsmith or break in??

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i thinkthat there is a lot of over gunsmithing in cas these days.
which is why i started the post.  I think you should run a few hundred rounds through a gun
 before it gets sent to  a gunsmith.  Provided of course that it functions correctly.

St. George:
"Overgunsmithing in SASS" - surely you jest...

The best thing to do is to disassemble and clean and lube to your satisfaction.

I do this on any and all new (or new-to-me) guns.
That way, I'm not fighting decades of sticky oils and shellac-like buildup.
At that time - I look for any evidence of burring, and if present - I stone it away, smoothing the area.

After reassembly - I shoot it.

I shoot Colts, Winchesters and Smith & Wessons in CAS, and all I've ever had to do was to clean, lube, de-burr and replace a broken spring.

I shoot NM M1911A1's and M9's as well as NM M14's, M16A4's, MP5SD's, M82 Barrett's and M40A1 Sniper Rifles and everything else in the inventory and all I ever have to do to any of those highly modern weapons is the same.

If a gun needed instant work - then you're not buying a gun - you're buying a kit.

Scouts Out!


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