Author Topic: Winchester 1895 30-06 Miroku  (Read 9069 times)

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Winchester 1895 30-06 Miroku
« on: April 16, 2015, 07:18:28 AM »
Dear all,

I hope this forum may help me.

I am a happy owner of a latest grade II model.

You may help me with some questions i have:

1. serial no is NFH28XX  any idea when this beauty has been build?

2. Is there an manual how to get rid about this high tech hammer safety?

3. For a more easy barrel cleaning, is it possible to remove only the breech bolt i.e. driving out this breech bolt/finger lever pin? Is this enough to be able to slide out the breech bolt or is it necessary to disassemble much more to do that?

Thank you for your kind help

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