Advice to the New CAS Shooter

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Short stroke kit-Pioneer Gun Works.  Rugers are built the best.  If you buy an '87 Chiappa is the best one to buy. wM1
ps If you were in Yuma at the TPBO we may have crossed paths. wM1

Thanks for the reply.  I think you are right, I  should stick with Rugers.  They are tough, and I"m familiar with them.

I saw Pioneer makes short stroke kits for the Uberti 73's but wasn't sure if those would also fit in the Winchester branded guns?

Thanks for the tip on the 87.  Kinda figured the China version might not be money well spent, even if they are 1/4 the price of the Chiappa.

Is there an organization that allows faux ivory, buffalo horn, etc pistol grips? After all, there was no faux stuff in "those days".
I'm not being punky, I really want to know, given the response to a previous question in another forum. What about rubber heel pads on otherwise leather heels?

River City John:
NCOWS allows faux ivory, buffalo horn, faux stag, faux hard rubber if correct for the model of pistol, faux pearl, wood, etc. Heck, even throw a Tiffany silver grip on it if you can afford the modification.

If you have after-market rubber heel pads installed, all they ask is to slip a leather butt stock cover over it to disguise the modern addition.

If using an approved firearm that had such embellishments in the period, no problem whatsoever.


SASS allows all those grip materials.  If you are asking about rubber heal pads on boot or shoe heels, smooth rubber pads are allowed in all categories.




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