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Tombstone Runner SASS#54765:
OK....A friend of mine took apart my coach gun to loosen up the opening action. Now its time to put it back together and I cant see the parts diagram to see how the parts go together. Does anyone have a suggestion or an enlarger parts sheet?
The Runner

St. George:
A simple solution would be to have the disassembler reassemble the weapon.
After all, he was the one who paid attention to the relationships of the various parts.

Failing that - just head over to Kinko's and get the parts diagram enlarged to suit.

Scouts Out!

Paper Chaser:
Hmmmmm, I'm with St. George! let the 'breaker' be the 'fixer'.

FloraBama Kid:
Sorry pard you're in a fix like this and I don't have any productive advice except to say; box it up and take it to the next local match and ask for help.

One of our posse members is a gunsmith working out of his house. I do ask him questions from time to time but also respect the fact that he needs to get paid for his work. So you may find someone willing to help but you should be prepared to offer some compensation.

My Rossi SxS just broke a cocking lever and I was glad and releived to know that I had a local trustworthy gunsmith to call on.

Good luck.

Big Hext Finnigan:
Dagnabit.. you're in a bad spot aren't you?
If you can't get your friend to fix it and you can't get the directions to where you can follow them.. then put a call into a couple of pards from your club and beg them for the name of their gunsmith. 

If you shoot CAS long enough, you will need a gunsmith.  Find your good local guy and make friends.. find out his favorite beer, meal or cigar. 




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