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Re: Missing Angels --Another Petticoat Posse Tale
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posted by Scarlet

Johnny shook his head no but the sparkle in his blue eyes told Rose he was up to some kind of mischief.

“I wouldn’t want to have ta make ya choose your own green twitch.” Rose teased.

“Does it look like I am bothering him?” Johnny half smiled.

Rose just shook her head as she went back into the house.

Combined effort of Scarlet & Tensleep

Rebecca watched the wagon from the Starr roll by on it’s way to the cemetery.

Trixie, dressed in black, sat silently next to the driver. Rebecca knew Trixie mourned for the people that occupied the two coffins in the back of the wagon. She didn’t mourn for the death of her sons whose bodies she told the posse to leave in the dessert to rot into hell, she mourned for the two people whose lives had been cut short because of them.

As Rebecca watched the wagon roll down the street towards boot hill she thought about something Scarlet had told her not to long ago.

Walking out behind the kitchen Rebecca cut two different red roses and a white one. Going back into the kitchen she took a glass vase down from the shelf filled it with water then placed the roses inside. Then she headed across the street to the Marshals office where she’d seen Tensleep go earlier.

She was so consumed by her thoughts she was walking into the office before she knew it. As he looked up from the paperwork he was doing she found herself not knowing exactly what to say.

"Hello darlin', what brings you to me?" Tensleep stood and came around the desk.

"Thought these might brighten up the place." She held out the vase looking at the flowers. "Rose told me once the colors had meaning. True red is the lover's rose. Fiery red symbolizes the flames of passion and white, loyalty. I know how you like the rose garden and I do have a few of them behind the Ace."

Thank you darlin', where should we put them?"

"Where ever you like." She smiled softly. "When will you be going back to
the Starr?"

"When you go with me or tell me to leave, but not until."

A light tap came on the door before the woman opened it and walked in smiling carrying a basket.

Alice had been attempting to win the marshal’s affections since he’d come to town. Usually when she showed up Rebecca would politely excuse herself and go back to the Ace leaving the marshal to “proper” company.

Alice smiled sweetly at Tensleep then turned to Rebecca, looked her up and down disapprovingly, waiting for her to leave. Instead Rebecca raised an eyebrow, returned the disapproving look and crossed her arms over her chest.

Tensleep watched as the two completely opposite women stood in the middle of his office. Alice in her sensible shoes and tan cotton dress with the bonnet that hung at the back of her neck. Rebecca in her black satin corset, green lace skirt, net stockings and high heels.

“Don’t you have men to entertain in the saloon Miz Valentine?” Alice said smugly.

“Maybe if you knew how to entertain one you still wouldn’t be hunting them.” Rebecca snorted.

Alice was shocked Rebecca usually was not bold when out of her house of sin. “Well I never!”

“Oh I’m sure you haven’t.” Rebecca said putting her hands on her hips glaring at Alice.

Alice moved to step around Rebecca who moved and planted her feet in front of the shorter woman. Alice looked wide eyed at her.

“I came to see if Marshal Ross would like to share supper.” Alice stated.

“John already has a date for supper.” Becca retorted.

Alice’s mouth dropped slightly and her eyes grew wider when she heard Rebecca use his first name.

“Tis you who needs to politely excuse yourself today.” Rebecca hissed pointing her finger towards the door.

Alice backed away, she’d seen Rebecca in a few fights and had no desire to be part of it. Squaring her shoulders she tried to regain composure.

“Perhaps another day, excuse me.” She said as politely as she possibly could.

Rebecca stood with her back to John trying to calm herself after Alice left. “I’m sorry, I ask you not to come into my place of business and make a scene and yet here I am. That woman just makes me so mad” her hands made tight fists at her side “the way she looks at me like I am the devil ‘emself.”

The Marshal walked up behind her and put his arms around her. "Miss
Valentine I will not hear of an apology from you." His grin was growing.
"I want my woman to take a stand when she feels the need."

He turned her to face him and said, "Now about that supper.... the Ace
or the Cafe?"

"I have it on good authority that the Ace has the best cook in town. Have to go back to the Starr for better." She smiled as she traced her fingers along his cheek.

"The Ace it is then, I know the owners there and we should be able to
get a good table." He chuckled, "I just hope that they have two nice steaks and a good bottle of red wine. You can never tell what will be on the menu out here in the west. I have heard that certain establishments even serve caviar and other delicacies."

John Ross took Rebecca's hand and tucked it under his arm then picked
up his hat. "I hope that you don't mind being seen with a rather uncouth lawman because I intend to escort you to supper the long way 'round so that people can see that I am with the prettiest woman in El Paso." With that he closed the door behind them and turned left onto the boardwalk which led them away from the Ace.

Rebecca smiled at him. “I don’t see any uncouth lawman present, but no, I don’t mind as long as they behave themselves.” She teased.

Rebecca ignored some of the looks from the women as they walked; she was well practiced at that.

“Do you spend much time talking with Scarlet?” Rebecca asked.

He knew by the sound of her voice her mind was turning things over as it often did when it came to him.
"We talk a little, mostly business......... and about other things. Why do you ask?"

"Grey Eagle says sometimes she speaks with much wisdom and when she does I would be wise to listen."

"Grey Eagle is also very wise." Tensleep was watching her from the corner
of his eye and also watching the looks on the faces of the townspeople. He
saw the Mayor approaching them.

"Mr. Mayor, have you met my fiancée, Miss Rebecca Valentine?" Tensleep
watched the mayor closely. Both the mayor and Rebecca looked a bit surprised at the introduction.

"Yes, I've had the pleasure. Miss Valentine." He tipped his hat. "Congratulations to the two of you."

"Thank you sir and a good evening to you."

The grin on the marshal's face was as wide as he could make it as he and
Rebecca stepped on down the street. Word would spread quickly now, the
mayor's wife was one of El Paso's biggest gossips.

"The mayor is very tactful." Rebecca said quietly.

"Do you think I shocked him?" Tensleep chuckled. "Did I shock you?"

"Yes, I think he was as surprised as I was. I think he is disappointed, I am

"Why is he disappointed? He has no reason does he?" Tensleep turned her
and looked into her eyes. "You sure about this Miss Valentine?"

Rebecca glanced down avoiding his look. "He will find someone else to
spend his time with. It is you I worry about disappointing."

"Why would I be disappointed darling?" He tipped her chin up with his
finger and searched her eyes.

"Because most folks will not be as tactful as the Mayor. It's not really
the women's comments that concern me."

"Rebecca if I cared what people said or thought about me I would never
have taken your hand and stepped into the streets. What people think is their
business and I really don't give a damn."

It seemed no matter how much they had spoken of what she did Rebecca just couldn’t get past what she was.

"But I worry about your heart John." She said placing her palm on his
chest. "I worry about how much pain being with me will bring you when the men tell you they've had the pleasure of my bed also."

"The only thing that will happen is that they will look at me and know
that I am the man in your bed now. I doubt many will ever want to brag to me about being with you sugar." He clasped her hand and started to walk.

"Scarlet spoke of regrets. Do you have any?" Rebecca looked at him as they walked.

"Yep, I do."


"I suppose everyone has them." Rebecca said thoughtfully

"My only regret is not finding you when you were 16 darlin'." John Ross,
US Marshal took Rebecca Valentine in his arms on the main street of El PasoTexas and kissed her as soundly as she had ever been kissed in her life.

"That should really give them something to talk about now." He winked at

She blushed slightly and chuckled. John had the ability to make her feel like she was 16.

"Where you expect we will live after we are married." She stopped and looked up at him. "I mean much of your time is at the Starr and my time is here."

He found they had come to a stop in front of the Ace.
"I suppose that I will have to split my time between El Paso and the Starr
at first, but I intend to be where you are as much as I can. Someday when you are ready to leave the Ace I would like for us to live in northern New Mexico, where the plains meet the mountains."

Tensleep stood looking around; they seemed to have drawn quite a crowd of watchers. "You ready for supper Miss Valentine?"

She took his hand as they went into the Ace. "I didn't know my girls had the time to stop and gawk at folks outside." She said as they walked past a couple of the girls who had been peeking over the door.

"No ma'am." They replied with grins on their faces and moved off into the

Rebecca lead him through the kitchen, stopping to ask Sadie to prepare them steaks, then continued out the back door to a small table that sat in the yard.

"This is our outside dining. You have a nice view of the horses and the rose bushes, the only drawback is when you have something to eat the dog and cats show up. If you prefer we can find something inside."

"I prefer a table that is quiet with you sitting next to me so that we can
talk and eat alone. Here is good and the dog and cats are no bother. Who
knows, I may want to kiss you between courses." Tensleep took her hand and winked, then he seated her and pulled a chair around so that they were next to each other rather than across the table.

"If it's no trouble I would like to have all our meals here when I'm in

"Darlin' where ever you like is fine with me." She said as she leaned back,
crossed her legs and tried to relax. "The balcony off my room is also nice
at times."

The sounds of their voices brought Timber and a large long haired black cat whose eyes matched Rebecca’s.

"I told you." She said pointing to the two who had come to join them in the
small courtyard.

"Hey Timber!" Tensleep ruffled the hair on the dog's back."How are you big fella? Who's your friend?" Timber's tail was wagging hard against the table leg and causing a rocking motion.

"I think that your dog likes attention darlin'." The rubbing continued. "Your
balcony would be a nice place to have breakfast and perfect for a drink
late at night watching the stars."

”Not much around here that doesn't enjoy attention." She chuckled. "That's Stormy" Becca said nodding towards the cat who watched them. "This seems to be a home for a lot of strays down on their luck at times."

"And we are all grateful that Rebecca and Scarlet are willing to take us in
and find a job we are happy with." Sadie said with a smile as she placed the plates down. "If there's anything you need let me know." She said as she turned to go back inside.

"Thank you." Rebecca replied to Sadie then fell silent trying to figure out
just how you told a man one day you were not ready and the next day you were to be his wife.

Tensleep looked up from his steak and saw the confused look on Rebecca's face.

Taking her hand he asked, "Is there something bothering you darling?"

"Just thinking about the last few days is all. I saw Trixie headed up to the cemetery earlier. Those folks were newlyweds, hadn't even had a chance to start life together."

Rebecca took off the thin long chain that hung around her neck. He couldn't tell what was on it as the chain was long enough the charm hung out of sight. She held it in her hand for a moment then picked it out of her palm with her other hand. Rebecca held the platum and gold ring between her fingers looking at it.

"This is the only thing I have left of my father besides a few memories. I know men often put their mothers or grandmothers ring on the finger of their bride. Would it be strange if this were the ring I put on your finger when we are married?" Her eyebrows knitted together as she looked at the band. Then she looked John. "I understand if it would be uncomfortable to wear it though."

"I don't think that it would be strange at all and I would be proud to
wear your father's ring. That you would ask me to wear it means so much to me,
I hope that I can live up to it's meaning to you." The look that passed over
Rebecca's face showed her great relief.

"Now my dear, you just need to tell me when you want to put it on my
finger." Tensleep locked his eyes with hers when he spoke. "You name a

"You mentioned the garden at the Starr. I guess I need to ask Rose how long
it would take to help put something together, because I really don't know.
And I hardly think I have anything appropriate in my closet to wear." Rebecca chuckled.

"I suppose that the next thing we need to do is go to see Rose then and
let the flurry of activity begin." Tensleep chuckled. "I can see me being
pushed out the door and plans being made and sewing needles flashing."

Rebecca laughed softly. "It better be before you figure out the truth
about my cooking."

Later that evening when Rebecca took the stage to sing every cowboy in the
saloon felt as if she was singing to them, but her heart belonged to only one.

Standing at the batwings John Ross was filled with love for the woman on
the stage. His eyes never left her as he took every word she was singing into his heart.

Tensleep and Becca were up with the sun and on their way to the Starr to
talk to Rose.

Rebecca couldn't help but have an ear to ear smile this morning.

"Darlin'," Tensleep said in his slow drawl. "You look especially lovely this
morning and that smile is as bright as the sun. I sure hope that I had a
little to do with putting it there."

Rebecca moved her horse near him, leaning over she kissed his cheek. “You are the reason for my smile.” She said softly.

"Now that is good to hear cuz you are the reason I want to be the best I
can be. I want you to always look just like you do now and to act just like
you did last night." He winked as he returned her kiss.

Rebecca grinned, giggled then kicked her horse into a gallop.

Tensleep made Buck jump with a touch of the spur but reined him in behind Rebecca's mount. He watched the graceful way the woman moved and loved to see her posting in rhythm with the horse. His eyes caught every movement of the curvy, long legged love of his life.

Too soon to suit him the Starr loomed on the horizon and the flash of a
telescope told him they had been spotted by the lookout. Reining Buck
to the side 'Sleep pulled up beside Becca and motioned for her to slow

They were bid good morning by the hands as they passed.

"Where is Rose?" Becca asked one of the men.

"In the pen, been working with one of the colts this morning." He pointed
towards the round pen where they could see Rose and Scarlet working with a couple of horses.

"Thanks" Rebecca said.

"Ma'am, Marshal." he said touching the brim of his hat.

The gate to one of the small corrals was open and the couple rode in.
Tensleep offered his hand to Rebecca helping her dismount. "Honey, why
don't you go and talk to Rose? I'll strip the horses and cool them off then come and join you."

By the time Tensleep made it back to the where the women were he
could already hear plans being placed into motion.

"I know, you don't hafta tell me..... I'll just go to my office and be a
good marshal while y'all make plans for my future." Tensleep winked at the conspirators.

The women watched him go then went to the herb garden to talk to Ella.

Hearing Scarlet say “well just ask her.” followed by Rose chuckling caused Ella to look up at the trio coming towards her.

“Ella, do you think you would have time to help Rose make another wedding dress by September 10th?” Rebecca asked hopefully.

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"Courage is being scared to death - but saddling up anyway." John Wayne

"Dance like nobody's watching; love like you've never been hurt. Sing like nobody's listening; live like it's heaven on earth."  Mark Twain

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Re: Missing Angels --Another Petticoat Posse Tale
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posted by Ella

"I certainly am glad to have that sewing machine! Of course I would have time to make you a wedding dress, Rebecca," replied Ella. "Are there any more weddings pending? Maybe Jimmy and Sadie?"

posted by Scarlet

“Thank you Ella!”
Rebecca hugged Ella not caring she had caught Ella off guard and now had some of the dirt she had been working with on her shoulders from the hug she got back.

The women grinned at Ella’s comment about another wedding.

“You never know, weddings seem to be contagious.” Rose said through her grin.

“Sadie’s got her mothers wedding dress. Had it the day she moved into the Ace, was one of the few things she held onto.” Rebecca said.

Scarlet chuckled and shook her head. “Better not go puttin’ ideas in Sadie’s head Becca.”

“We can make a list of things I need to order or get at the mercantile. I’d like green ribbons or something on it.” Rebecca bubbled.

posted by Ella

"It's Jimmy's head that needs the idea put into." Ella laughed, "Oh my, that sentence had very German sentence structure, but you know what I meant. As soon as I finish here, Rose and I should measure you, Rebecca, and start tossing design ideas around. I've got a bit of the emerald satin left over from the dress I wore for New Year's Eve. Maybe we could put scraps of that behind cutwork in ivory satin. "

posted by Scarlet

“Oh that sounds wonderful.” Rebecca said starting to help Ella. She looked up at Scarlet. “I’d like to ask Trixie to be here. Think she’d stay on for a bit if we offered her a job at the Ace?”

“I like that idea.” Scarlet looked over her shoulder where the woman was standing with Jimmy looking over one of the horses. “Fact now is a good time.” She said with a sly grin and wandered off.

“Don’t be thinkin’ like a woman now.” Rose laughed after her. “That’s what Jimmy would say about it.” She said to Ella and Becca.

posted by Fritz

Fritz stared at a spot just above and to the left of Colonel Troutman’s ear. He’d had his ass chewed before…but not recently. He stood rigidly at attention. His left arm hung in a sling, his sack coat draped over his shoulders. The wound in his side still hurt some, but he tried to pay it no mind.

“If you were my soldier, I’d have your ass in irons right now! In all my years of service, this is the most egregious violation of military rules I’ve ever seen! Who the hell do you think you are?”

Fritz kept his mouth shut. He knew whatever answer he’d give was wrong, and the Colonel would just get angrier.

“Larceny of Government Property…”

Fritz couldn’t recall what was stolen. The Gatling gun had been completely disassembled and cleaned (by Bill, just because he was curious) and returned to the armory.

“Misappropriation of Government Property…

Fritz had expended one full magazine from the gun, totaling 40 rounds of .45-70 ammunition. He’d since reloaded and returned the casings, plus the extras Keith had provided him.

“You’re a liar and a cheat, and if you were my solider, I’d have you court-martialled!!!”

Fritz held his tongue. He didn’t like being called a liar and a cheat without cause. To his knowledge, he hadn’t lied or cheated anyone.

“But,” Colonel Troutman added, “I’ve been reminded that you’re NOT my soldier.” He flipped through letters on his desk, and found one on heavy parchment, bearing a presidential seal.

“You have powerful friends, apparently. I’ve been reminded that you only belong to this post administratively. You’re assigned to the Territorial Marshal. What’s that?” Troutman asked, pointing to the folder under Fritz’ arm.

Fritz handed the folder over. “My report, sir.”

“On what?”

“On the field testing of the M1874 Gatling gun, “Camel gun” variant.”

The Colonel flipped through the file. He was impressed, despite himself.

“Any problems with it?”

“The folding sights are a bit flimsy for my tastes,” Fritz replied. “I’d make them fixed, and heavier.”

Troutman tossed the file onto his cluttered desk. “That’s all, sergeant,” he said.

Fritz rendered a salute, and began to about-face.

“Oh, Sergeant,” Troutman said, “there IS one more thing.”

The other shoe was about to drop.

“By regulation, the rank of First Sergeant was created as a buffer between the commissioned and enlisted ranks…would you agree?”

“Yes sir,” he replied.

“Should the commissioned officer be injured or killed, the First Sergeant takes command of troops in the field. Isn’t that right?”

Fritz knew where this was going. “Yes sir.”

Troutman was smiling now. He put both hands on top of his desk.

“Do you currently lead troopers in the field?”

Fritz sighed. “No, sir.”

“Then, administratively, I’m reducing you in rank to Sergeant. Should you decide to return to your duties of leading troopers in the field, your rank, and requisite pay, will be immediately reinstated.” The Colonel didn’t wait for a reply. He turned on his heel, and looked out the window. “You’re dismissed, Sergeant.”
Fritz turned and left the office, without bothering to close the door.

Rosie O’Grady had been serving the troops for many a year. Back during the war, when she was young and fair, she serviced the men in other ways. She’d saved a fair penny or two in the process. Now, she was the only authorized person to wash and mend troopers’ uniforms. She looked at the solider riding up and smiled, seeing the old, sky-blue greatcoat mounted on the saddle. Then she saw the blood.

“Now you be givin’ me that sack coat and greatcoat right now. Jesus!” Rosie spat. “It might be better if you stripped naked, and jumped into this here bucket of lye.”

Fritz pulled the greatcoat from its straps and handed it over. He took off the sack coat and gave it over as well.

“Rosie, would you cut the lozenges off before you clean ‘em?” Fritz asked.

“Were ya busted now, Sergeant?”

“Yep…you could say that,” Fritz replied.

“Well, don’t you worry none,” Rosie smiled. “You keep your nose clean, and you’ll get ‘em back.. I’ll have these ready by Thursday.”

Fritz tossed her a coin. “No hurry,” he added, as he turned to leave.

Fritz saluted the colors. As he rode to the gate, he saluted the Officer of the Day.

“You’re out of uniform, Mister,” the young Lieutenant remarked.

Fritz looked down. “Yep…I guess I am," he said. He reached into his vest pocket, and pinned the badge back on his vest. With that, Fritz rode out the gate.

The End

"The Scarlet Angel, heaven and hell all rolled into one.... I’d hate to be the one on the hell side.” ~Patches McDuff

"Courage is being scared to death - but saddling up anyway." John Wayne

"Dance like nobody's watching; love like you've never been hurt. Sing like nobody's listening; live like it's heaven on earth."  Mark Twain

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Re: Missing Angels --Another Petticoat Posse Tale
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Well I am still waiting for it to be continued! Hugs WD


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