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I can't comment on the other molds, but the Accurate Molds 51-350S has worked very well in my Armi-Sport Spencer carbine. Tom is great to deal with and makes a quality product.

The Barracks / Re: FT Reno OK
« Last post by 1961MJS on September 13, 2021, 11:22:32 PM »

I went out there a few years back.  The Cavalry School is no longer in session, but there is one somewhere in the US.  The old fort is getting torn down, but I don't know how much is gone.  The 2021 contest is in September 2021 and is usually worth watching.  I imagine it will be cancelled, but with the exception of the wagons, you don't have to get too close.

Unless I missed it, I didn’t see a discussion on why the Lyman and RCBS bullets were undesirable. Does anyone have experience with either of these, in particular the RCBS? Are there issues with the profiles? I figure they must work in most guns or folks would’ve lit them up in the online reviews for the outfits that sell the molds.
The Barracks / Re: Shooters Holiday
« Last post by Drydock on September 13, 2021, 08:24:18 PM »
Bullets are too small.
I dont ignore royalties, I just donk know if Scheinigg paid them.

Colt didnt have issues with “countries” but with manufacturers, like it was the case of belgian companies making unathorized clones of his revolvers. At that time, a patent in one european country had no recognition in the rest.

In Spain, for example, Adams and co didnt apply for a patent, so the national armories  in Trubia and Oviedo, had no problem making copies of their revolvers for the army, without paying them a single pound sterling.

My goal is to put and end to a false myth, the Walker as the most powerful revolver, not to start a false dilemma between american versus european arms. ..having in mind, that except for Adams, Tranter,  C. Reeves, Kherr, Parker, Beatty, Webley, etc, all of them british, and their continental clones, the europeans, with a few minoritarian exceptions, were not making revolvers that could rival Colt’s.

It is also truth that american authors have supplied partial information, many times biased, and in many cases confusing about revolvers well documented in other languages but in english.

As an example, in the “Colt Brevette Revolvers” book, by Marcon and Paxton, we can find several revolvers, Colt SAA clones, that the authors were not able to identify,  when in fact, they are basque, with legends clearly written in basque, with clear trademarks by Orbea, biggest basque company of the time, of a type of Colt SAA clone patented in Spain ( revolver “Colt Reformado”), which the authos ignored, and about which there is plenty of info avaiable..but in spanish! ( which means that it just dont exists).

So.,,if some prefer to remain in ignorance, it is ok. There were more guns out there than the ones made today by the industry or made famous by the american specialists.

The Longbranch / Re: Guns of the Old West Magazine.
« Last post by Rye Miles on September 13, 2021, 06:49:39 PM »
Do some more research. All I’m going to say.
WLP is not your friend.

I know all about Wayne, doesn't deter me from supporting the NRA at all!
NCOWS / Re: Blue River Regulators "Ruckus at Raccoon Forks" Registration
« Last post by Good Troy on September 13, 2021, 06:04:52 PM »
It was a great event for me!  Thanks to all that worked to make it happen!!
It was awesome to see familiar and friendly faces, meet new people and get to shoot.
The Barracks / Re: Shooters Holiday
« Last post by cpt dan blodgett on September 13, 2021, 04:55:57 PM »
My biggest disappointment of the weekend was that we were never able to find splash and so couldn't adjust to make hits on the mile target  :-\
May want to scatter football field marking chalk in front and to sides of target, don't think it would hurt soil or maybe lime if soil is too acidic
CAS City Classifieds / WTB A Griswold
« Last post by OKIEPAN on September 13, 2021, 04:45:59 PM »
Looking for a reproduction Griswold and Gunnison
Spencer Shooting Society / Re: Which mold for early 2000’s Cimarron Spencer Cabine
« Last post by El Supremo on September 13, 2021, 04:39:48 PM »
Hello, again:
That Accurate 51-350S should be fine for your carbine.  Size it to .001" over groove OD.  Use a black powder lube such as SPG. 
El Supremo/Kevin Tinny
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