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Title: Aladdins lamp
Post by: Rye Miles on December 06, 2015, 12:08:39 PM
I put on my cowboy gear and loaded up my car and went to the range to practice shooting' my hoglegs. I set up a couple steel targets and starting shooting my Colt .44-40's, I was doing pretty good when I saw a shiny piece of glass or something sticking out from the ground. I went over to inspect what it was and low and behold I pulled out what looked like  an Aladdin's lamp!!! I looked it over and I figured let me try rubbing it and wish fer something! Well, I have no belief in something so stupid but I rubbed it anyway and suddenly a big dust storm came over me and I shielded my eyes and felt like I was lifted up off the ground some! When the dust settled I was in an old west town just like I had imagined and what I've seen in pictures and movies! You see I wished I could go back in time to 1881 somewhere out west! Well, there I was! Kinda scary! I walked into the Long Branch saloon and looked around at a few hombres sitting a a table and one guy standing at the bar. In the corner was a pretty girl all fancied up in a saloon dress looking' kinda hung over. I bellied up to the bar and ordered a whiskey. The barkeep said, "Quarter mister". I pulled out a quarter from my jeans pocket and set in on the bar. The bartender looked it over and said, "the year on this coin says 2005", what the heck are you trying' to pul over on me boy", I thought, uh oh I'm in trouble…………… be continued,,,,,,,,
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Post by: medic15al on December 06, 2015, 06:43:29 PM
Doing good Please continue!!!    :)
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Post by: Rye Miles on December 06, 2015, 07:27:14 PM
I said, "Look I got that from the last town I was in, I sold my horse and saddle and the guy gave me these coins and some bills. I never bothered to look at 'em closely" The bartender bit down on the coin and said, "Okay, but this is really some kind of weird coin. It just may be worth something to a coin collector". Ya got anymore? I took out 3 nickels, 2 pennies and 2 more quarters and asked him what he'd give me for them." Hmm…interesting the bartender said. "I'll give a dollar for all these". "Okay, I said. Figuring I was on a roll I took out some bills, 4 twenty dollar bills and asked if he knew where I could get a horse and saddle for this. He looked at the bills and his eyes lit up! "I know exactly where ya'll can get yourself a horse and rig, follow me". I followed him to the back room which led out to an alley in the back. It was dark, I was a little worried and wondered if my guns were loaded! I couldn't remember if I loaded them before I picked up that confounded lamp! I followed the bartender around the alley and behind a corral. He said, "Wait here, I'll be right back". I checked my guns and thank God they were loaded.……….to be continued………... ::)
Title: Re: Aladdins lamp
Post by: Rye Miles on December 18, 2015, 07:45:04 PM
The bartender returned and said, "C'mon with me, I have the horse and rig all set up for ya". Something was telling me not to trust this guy. I said, "No I'll just wait here while you bring me the nag". He looked at me with a surprised look. "Why you don't trust me" he asked. I said, "Whatever gave you that idea"? Just bring me the horse", I said tapping my revolver in my cross draw holster. He swallowed hard and said, "Wait I'll be right back"! I drew my Colt and cocked it and had it at my side expecting the worst.
Title: Re: Aladdins lamp
Post by: Rye Miles on December 19, 2015, 07:47:05 PM
The bartender returned with the horse and a beautiful saddle. He also had 3 well dressed men beside him who said they had to look at the bills before I could get the horse. They looked down at my cocked pistol hanging down at my side. "What's that for?" one of them asked. " For varmints and troublemakers" I replied. I took the bills, 2 twenty dollar bills from my vest pocket. They inspected them and couldn't believe what they were seeing. Turns out these guys were bankers and collectors of all things pertaining to money. They asked where I got these bills and I told them I got 'em from the last town I was in. They asked where that was and I said I didn't know. I was out of money and I sold my horse to someone and never looked closely at the bills. I took a stage to this town.( of course this was all made up and they were buying the whole story) They said they'd give me $100.00 in gold coins and the horse for the bills. I accepted and mounted the horse and rode the heck outta there as fast as I could. Now where do I go? How do I get back to modern day?? Geez oh man what a fix I was in. I just rode and took in the sights, the beautiful mountains, the cacti, the full bright moon and the sky with thousands of stars. What a sight! I forgot about my predicament for a while and just took in the beauty of it all. I was actually back in the old west! WOW!
Title: Re: Aladdins lamp
Post by: Rye Miles on December 22, 2015, 07:45:43 AM
I decided to ride all night if I had to despite being tired as heck to find a town. I was following the North star so I at least knew I was heading north. I forgot what the name of the last town I was in but it didn't matter anyway. I was glad to get out of there with lots of dough! I was dozing off in the saddle when I suddenly saw some lights ahead. By gosh it was a town! The closer I got I read a sign that said, "Sandstone pop. 865". Okay this was good! As I rode into town I thought it looked a lot bigger than the population stated. Hmm..maybe this was a mining town and they didn't count the miners just the permanent residents. I saw some lights on in a place called, "Franny's". I pulled up dismounted and tied my horse up to the hitch rail. The sign outside said "Rooms and good cooking"! I went in and found the clerk asleep on the counter. He was laying flat out on the counter snoring! I shook him gently and he woke up in a huff! "Whadya want"?? he said." A room for the night please?" He said okay,"25cents for the room and extra 5 cents for a fresh bath, what'll it be stranger"? I'll just take the room for now I said, maybe tomorrow for the bath, I'm whipped! He gave me a key and I signed my name as J.R. Smith. "Upstairs 2nd room on the right, ya got a street view". "Thanks I said and headed up to the room for a long needed sleep. "Oh crap I forgot about my horse!!" I thought. I went back downstairs and asked the clerk where to stable my horse. He said there was a stable down about a block. "It's always open and if the guy's not there just put your horse in a stall and clear up with him in the morning". "Anything else" he asked". "Nope thanks" I said as I walked out the door to take my horse to the stable.
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Post by: medic15al on December 26, 2015, 08:23:49 PM
More... More.... Moahr!!!!!   :D :D :D   ;D ;D
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Post by: Rye Miles on December 27, 2015, 07:46:59 PM
I got my horse taken care of by a really nice old man that was sleeping on a cot inside the barn. I went back to "Franny's" and got in my room. I got undressed, fell into bed and I was out like a light! Man this time travel takes a lot out of you I guess. I woke up and it was light out. I checked my pocket watch and it said 8:05. I spotted a brass pan that looked kind of like a spittoon but I thought about it and figured out what it was for. I relieved myself and got dressed and went downstairs. There was a restaurant to the right of the stairs and I sat myself down at the table. A pretty young waitress came over immediately and gave me a menu. She had a coffee pot in her hand and asked if I wanted some. I said "Yes please and I know what I want to eat also". She got out a little scratch pad from her apron pocket and took the pencil out of her ear and asked very sweetly what I wanted. I said bacon, eggs sunny side up and some bread. She winked at me and said," I'll get this ordered for ya". The coffee was probably the best coffee I ever had! Strong, but not bitter. I put a teaspoon of sugar in it and stirred it. After I was done with breakfast I gave enough to cover the bill and a pretty healthy tip. The waitress looked shocked when I said "Keep it". Maybe they didn't tip back then??? I went outside and took in the fresh air and the beautiful sunny day. Despite my dilemma about getting back to modern day, I was enjoying myself. I wondered if this was permanent or if it was just for a day or what? I figured I'd better not think about it and just get on with my new life. I had about ninety some dollars left and that should last a while but what will I do when that runs out? I'm not a real cowboy, I've never worked on a farm and I've never done law enforcement. In modern day life I'm a shipping and receiving mgr. at a large factory. Holy cow, what about my job? It was Sunday and I would be expected at work Monday. Oh boy, what a predicament I was in. Okay, now I was starting to worry……….
Title: Re: Aladdins lamp
Post by: Rye Miles on December 29, 2015, 08:42:28 AM
I went to the stable to get my horse and gave the stablehand an extra tip. He was shocked! Apparently tipping was not in fashion yet! I saddled up my horse with some trouble and some help from the stable hand. I can't remember the last time I saddled up a horse! In fact I never did! I got on the horse and rode outside to the nearest bar. I tied up the old nag and went in the saloon. It looked strangely like the "Long Branch" on Gunsmoke. I expected to see Miss Kitty! The bar was pretty empty with just a few guys hanging around the end of the bar and one guy playing solitaire at a table. I asked for a whiskey, "some rye please". The two guys at the end of the bar walked over and one said, "Hey buy me a drink stranger". His demanding tone set me off a bit. I was already worried about my predicament and I was in no mode for this clown. I said very loudly, "NO ". He reached for his gun and in an instant I drew from  my crossdraw holster and shot him right in the head! The other guy backed off and reached in his waistband, I shot him twice in the chest! It was awfully loud and the smoke just hung there in the air. I was shocked at what just happened. Was this real? Was this really happening? The bartender leveled a shotgun at me as I was holstering my Colt. I put my hands up and said."Hey they both drew first"! The bartender said, "I know, but I'm just protecting myself, you might get crazy and start shooting everyone in here". I assured him I was not going to shoot him or anyone else unless they drew down on me. A tall figure with a long black coat entered the saloon and asked, "What's going on on here?" I saw his badge and put up my hands and said," Sir it was self defense, I think the bartender here would back me up on that". The bartender nodded in agreement and the sheriff looked at the two bodies carefully and looked up at me and asked, "Where'd ya learn to shoot like that?" Come over to the office we need to talk". I followed the sheriff out the saloon doors as he motioned to the bartender to do something with the bodies. I noticed the man playing solitaire just kept right on playing as if nothing happened………………….. ::)
Title: Re: Aladdins lamp
Post by: Rye Miles on December 30, 2015, 08:31:31 AM
The sheriff sat me down and explained that the town was getting a little too rough for one guy to handle. He needed a deputy and since I showed him I could shoot and take care of myself he offered me a job. "Forty dollars a month and a free room at Franny's" he said. I thought about it for a second and said, "I'll take it"! Well there now my immediate problem of having something to do and some money to live on was taken care of. The sheriff seemed like a good dude and hopefully would be good to work for. He laid out my hours, I'd be on duty basically in the early morning hours and all day until about 5:00pm when he would come in. I was basically on call 24 hours in case of trouble. He asked to see my guns and I said, "Ah there just a couple of Colts in.44. I didn't want him to look at them in case he noticed the spring loaded base pin latch instead of a screw. (Not to mention the serial number) This was 1881 and the base pin latch was not even invented yet! He said, "Oh okay, I realize some guys are funny about someone else touching their guns". I breathed a sigh of relief! We went out and walked the town and he introduced me to a few folks. Seemed like a nice little town but trouble was always around the corner according to him. He also asked me to ditch one of my revolvers, carrying two as a deputy didn't sit right with him for some reason. Maybe because practically everyone carrying only had one. I decided to stay with my cross draw holster and I'd put my other one away in my saddlebags. He then took me over to the general store and bought me a box of .44wcf ammo. I thanked him and he said it was on the town's budget. One box a month, if I needed more I would have to buy them. I could use them for practice if I wanted but he suggested I keep the practice to a minimum since ammo was costly. I agreed and the subject was dropped…………...
Title: Re: Aladdins lamp
Post by: Rye Miles on December 31, 2015, 10:12:23 AM
I decided I wanted to try out this ammo. It was Winchester ammo. Wow, I'm actually going to shoot ammo from 1881 that's new! I rode out to a spot about 5 miles from town. Nothing around but a few cacti and mesquite trees. I unloaded my gun and loaded it with the new ammo, I aimed at a mesquite tree branch and fired off 5 rounds. I hit the branch all 5 times! Great I thought! I loaded up my other Colt and tried that, missed the branch twice. Hmm….a little off with that one. I was unloading my second pistol when a dust storm kicked up! I put my wild rag up around my eyes as I put my head down. It was a strong wind and the sand was piercing my body. It was like little pieces of glass hitting me! When it stopped, I was shocked! I was back at my home cowboy club where I encountered the alladin's lamp. I looked around and the lamp was on the ground in front of me. Noone was around so I picked up the lamp and took my cart to my car and loaded it up. I put the lamp on the front seat and started the car. The radio was on a sports talk station and they were talking about the Indians upcoming game with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Weird I thought, I was just in Arizona! I drove home thinking about my experience. I fished in my vest pocket and there was no money at all there. What happened to the gold coins I had? I looked in the glove compartment and my wallet was in there. Okay maybe this didn't happen I thought.

Well, if it did it was pretty cool, if it didn't it should have! :o


Rye Miles
(Windy teller)
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Post by: Blair on December 31, 2015, 10:24:54 AM
Rye Miles,

Thank you. I have enjoyed reading these,
Happy New Year!
My best,
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Post by: medic15al on December 31, 2015, 01:42:25 PM
As have I! Really had me hooked there a bit.
Title: Re: Aladdins lamp
Post by: Rye Miles on December 31, 2015, 07:23:21 PM
Ha ha, thanks Medic15al and Blair, I really didn't know where I was going with the story so I had to come home!  ;D It was based on a dream I had believe it or not!

Happy New Year

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Post by: medic15al on December 31, 2015, 10:01:56 PM
Dream some more? Please??

I was interesting as I have often wondered what if I was pulled back in a time shift like that. Old west and Civil War era.
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Post by: Rye Miles on January 01, 2016, 07:57:46 AM
Thanks, maybe I'll rub that lamp one more time!! ::)