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For Sale! New starline 32-20 brass

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Cotton Eye Joe:
Good afternoon!

I've got 500 pieces of 32-20 brass for sale (finally, been waiting 3 years for them to do a run).  It'll be $1 per 3 pieces, and I'll ship small flat rate at $10.40

I'm in Tucson, AZ if you happen to be local!  Thanks!

-Cotton Eye Joe

bear tooth billy:
Midway finally got some in and I ordered from them, otherwise I would definitely take yours
Thanks for sharing at the regular price. Nice to see you not gouging people. At a gun show Saturday a dealer
wanted $100 for a 50 rd box  loaded.  No thanks for this guy


Cotton Eye Joe:
Yeah, I don't make my living off selling gun stuff by any means haha. I got a job for that! I just like seeing people being able to shoot their old guns.


cheatin charlie:
Would you sell 200 cases?  If so I will take them.

Cotton Eye Joe:
Sure, not a problem! If you want to message me directly with your address, I'll ship them tomorrow.

-Cotton Eye Joe


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