Possible new posse


bear tooth billy:
I was talking to a member of the local SASS club and they are interested in putting on a couple
of NCOWS style matches this summer. If there is interest possibly we could get a local posse going
They have a very nice 10 stage range already, we will back targets up. The timing is perfect, I'm
going to put a sign up sheet at our front table for people who would be interested. There will be several
of them coming to the convention, so please answer any questions they may have.


bear tooth billy:
On May 19th, the Illowa Irregulars (SASS) are planning a NCOWS type shoot along with their regular
shoot. We will shoot pistols at their rifle targets, and set rifle targets as far back as the bays will
allow.. we will be in a separate posse and follow NCOWS rules. I will have a sign up sheet at the
outside table at the convention. Some of their club members are going to shoot in this posse following
our rules. They are interested in continuing this if there is interest. A buffalo shoot is the day before.


Good Luck with the shoot and forming a new posse.


Tell me about the Buffalo shoot?

bear tooth billy:
It's the buffaloes from Ackley, 3 herds of 11  160-270 yds



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