Small pistol primers

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Snake Oil:
I got an email about primers...

Norma has some...

I bought 1K of those from Norma. Mine were missing anvils from some. I had a fail to fire of 10 in a box of 50. I threw 850 of them in the trash. Good luck.

Baltimore Ed:
Bought some Winchester LPP from Academy this week for 79.99 /brick. I haven’t seen LPPs in the wild in a while. They had other sizes but no LRP’s. Bought a brick of CCI SRP at a show last month for 80.00 from an older couple. The only primers there.  If you deduct ‘hazmat and shipping’ from those amounts you’re around 50.00 so look at it that way. I hopefully think 50/brick is what it will eventually settle down too.


bear tooth billy:
Cabelas had some federal at their Prarie Du Chein store last week
I have managed to get some ahead, so I passed at $90 brick


Snake Oil:
Well... hope they've improved their process...

I ordered a few... I'm a shade nervous now, but the price seemed too good to pass up, but if something seems too good to be true, it probably is!


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