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Coyote guy:
I have 5 boxes(100 each) of 200gr Remington semi jacketed soft points. These are .426, mistakenly bought them for my 44mag

Asking $30 per box plus shipping

How about $110 shipped?? at this point I would take a loss to get rid of them

Prefer PayPal or Venmo for payment

Added a few photos. If you are interested I will surely send any information you need/want to feel comfortable with the sale.

Professor Marvel:
Hello New Guy

I see you only just signed up today on the Cowboy Action Shooting forums (CAS City), so you could post a for sale ad,
for  Jacketed bullets that most people do not not use for Cowboy Action….

And thats your first and only post.

No offense, but with the plethora of scammers and shysters around this does loo more than a tad suspicious.

Why dont you introduce yourself and participate in a few chats here first? That is actually the neighborly thing to do….

Prof Marvell

Coyote guy:
Hey Professor Marvell,
Thanks for the reply, although I am a little bummed you didn't want to buy the bullets! You are absolutely correct about a few things.
First- I  created this account roughly 6 minutes before I created my "WTS' ad.
Second- It is in fact my only post
Third- I see that most people with a 44-40 do not use semi jacketed soft point bullets, they are most definitely not the normal hard cast bullets that most guys use.

I do not shoot any cowboy action shooting events or anything of the sort, I actually really dont know anything about it. However, I assumed that people that do participate in this stuff, and use these types of guns would have more use for these bullets than I do. I simply own a few 44 mags that I hunt with, and these bullets cannot be used in them. One is a marlin 1894 lever action and the other is a Ruger Redhawk I got from a fella that is like a grandpa to me, probably my most prized gun that I own.

I see that you dont find me very neighborly, and that is ok, I havent been around here very long. As for chatting and contributing to this forum, I am afraid there is not much I can contribute (other than some bullets that most guys dont want) since what I  do is a ridiculous amount of big game hunting, and trapping for a living. I do a lot of reloading but not for a 44-40. I reload for a handful of rifle/pistol calibers as well as 12ga.

I do see responses like this ALOT on forums, new guy comes in and absolutely has to be scamming people and stealing everyones money. I can see why it seems suspicious, but Im not sure how you get people to trust you through a computer. Best I can do is try to sell these bullets and ship them to the guy that buys them. If there was a way to give references from other forums/classifieds I would surely share them.
Sorry for causing concern in this forum, not my intentions. If anyone is actually interested in these bullets, send me a message and we can talk on the phone (if that  helps) to come to an agreement and we will figure out something that works for both parties.
Thanks for taking the time to get to know me,


Please understand, it's not that this is not a friendly place [it really is] but we have been hit very hard by scammers the last couple of years, so we are leery of someone just showing up that we don't know with stuff for sale.

Well, interestingly enough, I have a somewhat vague recollection of somebody on this site recently (a few months aho?) stating their aggravation that they couldn't find that type of bullet.  Don't recall who nor which forum but I'm hoping they will see this. 

While there are lots of scammers, it is easy to assure someone, like providing a requested picture which might be your sale items with a current newspaper or your driver license in the photo.  The scammers disappear when you request those things.


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