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CASCity = Slow as molasses.

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John Spartan:
I've surfed the internet for a lot of years on my phone with no problems till now.
EVERYPLACE I go is nice and fast and essentially instant page loading except for CASCity. It is incredibly slow here seemingly taking 30 seconds to load a page.

Tried different browsers but no change. Can't believe it's like this for everyone.
Some setting maybe? Any tips?

No problems here.

Lucky R. K.:

John, I think it is you who has the problem. I have no problem with the site. It looks and acts as always. Have you changed something with your phone?
Lucky  ???


John Spartan:
No changes - that I'm aware of. And everything else is fine.
I get it's probably on my end but why only this page out of the hundreds (thousands?) that I have gone to over the years. Oh well

Everything seems normal on this end. ;)


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