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Cimarron open top 44 special, 7 1/2" barrel. $410 back up,-spf

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grey ghost 99:
Army length grip frame with Buffalo Brothers imitation ivory eagle grips. I do not have any other grips for it. No box.

I got this as part of a trade to make up the difference for my guns value. I have never fired it as I do not have 44 special ammo loaded at a safe load for this (Skeeter loads for my flat top). Looks to be fired very little.

Ejector rod housing screw is a little buggered by last owner, he said it almost wouldn't come out, all the rest are fine. 1 small line of bluing missing from back strap, looks like a screw driver nick

No trades, postal money order
I ship when it clears

Price dropped 12-4

Located Owensboro Kentucky, would meet any of the guys or gals from there to maybe the bowling green area and knock of what shipping would cost

grey ghost 99:
Last price drip on 12-12

After this off to gunbroker

Pony Edwards:
Does it need to go through an FFL?


Hair Trigger Jim:

--- Quote from: Pony Edwards on December 15, 2023, 01:35:21 PM ---Does it need to go through an FFL?

--- End quote ---

This would the same as other firearms, yes.

Pony Edwards:
Hate to admit it, but I got a little too excited by the affordability of this fine looking firearm, but I’m going to have to let it go home wish someone else. For those unaware you can also shoot 44 Colt and 44 Russian safely out of this revolver.


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