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2nd Generation series F parts all use Uberti parts?

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45 Dragoon:
I'm thinking the original machinery ended up in one big puddle in "64.


Major 2:
probably ....February 4, 1864, to be exact, and most of that slag puddle went into Connecticut River.

Professor Marvel:

--- Quote from: Galen on December 08, 2023, 06:12:51 PM ---So Colt lied? When the 2nd generation was introduced all the gun writers claimed they were colt made with the original machinery.

--- End quote ---

Well, somebody lied  ;D

gun writers make stuff up all the tiime, just like some of the marketing weenies that feed the "straight poop"  to them.


Maybe there were a couple of screwdrivers and a file or two left over from those days.  Voila!  Original machinery!  ;D

Major 2:
well, they were assembled at Iver Johnson, Original Iver Johnson machinery!


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