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2nd Generation series F parts all use Uberti parts?

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I took a bolt spring of Uberti and it fit onto the Colt F series 2nd generation perfectly. Will all Uberti parts fit onto the F series 2nd Gen Colt percussion guns?


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Funny and interesting you should ask.  Allow me to annoy the "Coltistas."  The answer to your question is YES. 

You see, the Second generation Colt Percussion Guns are actually Uberti.  ALL the original Colt tooling for percussion guns was destroyed in a factory fire way back when.  Colt had no way to make percussion guns.  So:

Uberti percussion gun parts were bought "In The White" and delivered to family Imperato for completion at (IIRC) the Over Johnson plant, then shipped to Colt for packaging and distribution.  Those "Colt" guns also suffer the same same "Short Arbor" Syndrome as ALL Uberti percussion/Open Top guns.  Burma Shave

I don't know about internals but I have tried to mix and match barrels between Uberti, Colt C-Series and Colt Signature Series and none of them would fit on anything other than themselves. Maybe they would interchange if you reset the alignment pins.



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I'm not really trying to be Snarky (actually, I am).  In all too many instances, Uberti parts don't necessarily interchange with "other" Uberti.  And there are subtle differences between OEM Uberti and the Second Generation and Signature were shipped to Imperato "in the white" with no finish work or assembly work done.  ALL of the fitting and finishing was done by the Imperato crew here.  There is NO WAY the guns finished here would be comparable with Uberti production.  The jigs and set-up would of necessity, be very different.  The manufacturing time frame is also entirely different, utilizing a lot of different and upgraded machine tooling.  Ergo, trying to mix and match those parts is a complete waste of time.

So Colt lied? When the 2nd generation was introduced all the gun writers claimed they were colt made with the original machinery.


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